20 December 2007

A Christmas Miracle

Christmas just was made for me...I found out AFC CJ is home safe and sound within the bosom of his loving family. I prayed so hard for everything to go right. Our soldiers don't get many breaks anymore and I was determined this soldier was getting home to his family for Christmas if I had to put God on speed dial and bombard the Throne with megaprayers.

Yeah, the tears let loose when I saw the update on Hallie's site--tears of joy, tears of thanksgiving and just tears because it's always great to have something go right.

I just woke Michael up to tell him CJ made it home and he said, "I knew he would--I asked God to take care of that soldier and get him home to his family. We call it "sweating them in" in the military and send CJ's mom a hug for me because I know how happy my mom would be when her son came home."

And then I cried again.

Off to take DH to the doctor. A few prayers that direction would be appreciated as he has some new symptoms that I'm not liking and we're hoping to keep him out of the hospital for Christmas.

Joy to the world!
CJ is home and safe!


Debra w said...

Hi Ness,

What a wonderful post! I will definitely be saying some prayers for your DH, for good health and a quick trip to the doctor!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

This entry is wonderful - even my mom thinks you are the best! (I just read it to her)

We are SOOOO happy that he's home -yesterday was far more stressful than I realized.

Tell Michael thanks for praying that CJ got home- I think I'd very much like your son if I met him. Give him a hug for me...

I am PRAYING PRAYING PRAYING that the doc's visit goes well. Please update later, if you get a chance. I'd lke to know that all is well or that I need to pray even harder.

Your entire famly is in my thoughts.

Thanks for everything!

(btw, had I've known you were up so early checking the blog, I would have posted last night! How rude of me!!)