04 February 2008

Anyone for a spot of tea?

I feel like we are living in England this morning.

It is SO foggy you can't see out to the street.

The weather today is supposed to be of the Heinz variety nature...I hear tell of thunderstorms, tornado watches, snow...the possibilities are endless! Belleville knows how to do tornadoes. I remember being raised by a mom who was literally of anything resembling a storm. I think I spent more springs and summers being shoved into my closet than my clothes did everytime the skies looked stormy. Since we've lived here, the tornado sirens have gone off many times and I grab dachsies, my cell phone, keys and radio and race down 3 flights of steps to the basement, unlock our utility room and set up camp until we get the all clear. We have a lot of trees around here who are just beggin' to fall on our apartment building. Usually I'm the only apartment dweller in the building in the daytime but with the dachsie duo I'm in good company.

Congrats to the New York Giants on a very hard fought game. Both teams played their hearts out and it was THE first Super Bowl I really watched. I figured Hallie might have a contest on her blog with questions from the Super Bowl so I'd better pay attention! I can't say the halftime show did anything for me...I didn't know one single song!

Thanks for all the comments on my quilt. I think it will be an every Sunday feature to update it with pics. Gives me momentum to get 'er done.

I'm totally out of spoons today and feel like the knives have come to play as well so I'm going to find my dachsie nurses(WHERE'S a picture of Lenny with a nurse's cap on when I need him for a photo op?) and try to become a human again. Have a great Monday and do something nice for you today cause you so deserve it, and it's not nice to argue with a girl who's lacking in spoons! :-)


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

You can NOT opt out of your horning - if I can survive, you can survive!!

I'm sorry to hear that you are spoonless today - rest a lot and don't over do. And yes, a doxie in a nurses cap would help!

Still can't believe we blew a 19-0 season. Maybe it was all just a bad dream?


Roxie, Sammy and Andy said...

If I lived closer, I'd be there in a flash to share that cup of tea. I'm glad to hear that if bad weather is looming, you are taking the furkids to safety. That must be a noisy, action packed and spoon intensive process though!
I wish I could spend today recovering from yesterday but work calls ... bummer.

Mary, the Dachsies' mom

Steph said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well. Take it easy today, or it will only get worse. Glad you have the doxie nurses, even if the can't get you that cup of tea they are good to cuddle with.

I agree with Hallie no opting out of the horning. They are not fun, but it is necessary to prevent issues. My Mommy is a nurse and she told me that I'm never allowed to opt out and I'm only 33. We have a history of ugly stomach issues so we started early.

Catty Ax Lady said...

Sorry you're feeling crummy today (crumby? crumy? I dunno). Our weather is the same here...fog, fog and more fog...I think there's a tree standing in our front yard still...I think.

I've always been a storm lover, until I had kids. Now I can handle little ones, but when the sirens go off, it's serious now...not just my life in danger. I used to stand out on the porch looking for anything, taking pictures. Now it's basement, no questions.

dlyn said...

Sorry you aren't feeling well Ness. If I were closer I would come share some tea with ya - I would even make it and everything. How do you like Chai? Hey - how did the biscotti turn out? I made them last week with snipped up dried apricots and toasted pecans - that was pretty yummy!

kimmy said...

Glad we are all in this together. New England is a sad, sad place to be right now. I didn't even want to get the paper this morning. Of course the front page said, "GIANT LOSS!" How depressing!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in our sorrow :-)

Pioneering in PA said...

I would gladly lend you any of my 999 spoons on any given day, except for today. I think I used them all with emotions only. Had to drop by and leave you a comment b4 slogging off to bed (at such an early hour, *gasp*).

Elise said...

You are so funny! I loved this...
I promise not to give you a hard time about the spoons, either. And if I lived next door, I'd deliver a huge, thrift-store bag full of 'em. :)

I grew up in Chicago, IL- tornado sirens all summer long, it seemed. Esp. on my birthday in August.

Praying for your quick recovery!

Anonymous said...

hehe. that's the one picture i don't have, Ness! Lenny in a nurse's uniform! but i can get it. :)