01 February 2008


And pictures have been taken and will be posted on tomorrow's blog cause Blogger is not being very nice about uploading pics today0(BIG pout)

It was phenomenal.....

I threw snow cause it wasn't wet enough to make a proper snowball or snowman....I did carve a snowDachshund out of snow and used oak leaves for its ears but the pic doesn't show up very well....

And I did make the snow angel...there are pics of the process but unfortunately it doesn't show up in the snow. I got on the ground, laid in the snow and started to flap my arms when the right one would not flap...damnable shoulder problem. But I was NOT to be deterred....I just made the left wing, rolled over and made the right wing with my left arm....who said I believed in snow angel interruptus?

The snow was fresh and unused and I love-love-LOVE virgin snow!

I was a good doobee while I was out and hand swept the front steps so at least our apartment peeps could see where the edge of the steps are. I couldn't lift a snow shovel if my life depended on it.

Don't have a sled or saucer or even suitable cardboard box so didn't get to sled :-(

The doctor's office cancelled my appointment for this afternoon because "it's just too bad for you to be out in this..." and asked me if that was OK. Well, actually, NO because my pain pills need refilling but she said they would just call that in for me and reschedule me for 11 February. Amazing how sweet they can be when they want to cancel out patients and take the day off...

Nothing like a 5 a.m. phone call to tell you your eldest is being ambulanced to the hospital with heart problems...Roger stayed home from work in case we needed to rent a car and get 2 hours south to the hospital she was at. She is now wearing a Holter heart monitor for 24 hours. She has massive panic attacks and her heart skips beats when this happens. However, panic attacks make you think you're dying and she hasn't been on any meds since she moved and lost her med insurance in August. Her BP was all over the place but she suffers from White Coat Syndrome so I'm sure it went down when she left the ER.

Got all the quilt material squares cut out yesterday and started cutting the batting squares. This is a "quilt as you go" quilt. The squares are 8.5 inches each...templates are the ONLY way to go. Last quilt I painstakingly measured every square by ruler and cut out. I'm learning the shortcuts as I go. CattyAx and anyone else interested, I will post some more quilt-in-the-progress pics on Sunday.

Off to work on the quilt and enjoy Roger being home today.

Have a Fantastic Friday.

Go to a mirror, look at yourself and say, "I am SO worth it." Because I think you are.

Prayers that Hallie's test comes out well today.


Steph said...

Hi Ness,

Glad that you got your snow. This southern girl has only seen snow 3 times in my life.

I will keep your daughter in my prayers and hope that it turns out to be nothing more than a big scare.

See you later!!

Pioneering in PA said...

Ness, keep that blasted snow out your way. I swear, if it comes my way, I'm holding you accountable.

You didn't stop your "no snow chant" quick enough. We are buried under nearly an inch of frozen rain. Not nice stuff to drive in, so my kiddies were canceled until next weekend.

Hope that your daughter makes it through everything okay!