18 February 2008

It's Only Make Believe

Every girl dreams of her wedding.

It's probably been in the planning stages of your mind since childhood.

Today you're going to plan your dream wedding.

Maybe if you're not married, you can use the plan in the future. Maybe if you're going to renew your vows you can use it. Maybe it's just fun to get out of the real world and play make believe sometimes.

I'm not going to tag people...if you want to play, just leave your answers in the comments. (My answers are in italics)

My Wedding

Month- September

Place(church, outdoors, by the ocean, etc)-St Patrick's Catholic Church in NY

Time of day-Late afternoon

Ceremony decor(candles, flowers, etc)-Candles down the aisles in glass holders on the pews, Fall flowers, chrysthanthemums, pew bows in Fall colors

Number of attendants-6

Color/style of attendants' dresses-spaghetti straps, velvet, solid colors of chocolate brown, burnt orange, harvest gold, mocha for the bridesmaids and a tiny print/brocade incorporating all 4 colors for the maid and matron of honor dresses

Attendants' flowers-Large mixed Fall flowers bouquet with velvet ribbons hanging down.
Bridal attire-Ivory lace with a looong train and a full length veil edged in lace

Groom attire-either an ivory tux or black. Groomesmen tuxes to match.

Prelude music before wedding-Claire de Lune, Canon in D,Bach, Pachebel

Music for attendants-Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring

Music for bride-If I can't get away with Here Comes the Bride, I'd go with Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring and change the attendants to Canon in D

Music during ceremony(name, instrumental/vocal)depending on Diocese, if I can get by on some secular music, I want "One Hand, One Heart" from West Side Story sung before the wedding and "The Lord's Prayer and Ave Marie" sung during the wedding.

Wedding Recessional music-Rondeau

Receiving line at the wedding site-yes

Wedding party pictures before or after wedding-after

Place for reception-A ballroom with a circular staircase to make an entrance

Food-Sit down supper with chicken and steak

Type of cake-5 round layers tall separated by crystal pillars with almond-flavored cake and buttercream icing.

Type of music-DJ with a large enough CD collection to take requests from the guests. Mix of fun dance music and slow romantic dances.

Couples first dance music-Forever in Love by Kenny G

Wedding party dance music-Their choice I'm not a total control freak lol

Throw original bouquet or have a substitute and keep original bouquet-substitute and have original preserved in a large glass brandy snifter for my dining room table

Garter toss? Sure

Leave reception early or stay til the end? Stay til the end and party!

Any other details you may want to add? I want it to be meaningful and fun with all my friends, the more, the better.

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

oooh, fun, Ness! I had a great wedding myself. Lot's o'fun. but i wouldn't mind reliving it.

First of all, I hated my wedding dress so i would change that totally. my dress looked like i got attacked by a friggin bead-dazzler thingy. and my veil was god awful.

I would change it to a spring wedding.

I would have had a chocolate wedding cake with tiers of carrot cake thrown in cuz i love carrot cake.

the DJ would not play the funky chicken or the macarena! haha!

and i wouldn't almost die on my honeymoon this time around. we went up to the mountains to go skiing and the car hyroplained on some ice and we were hanging by a thread off of a steep enbankment. scary as all get out.

anyways, i'll think of more and be back!

you have a great day!!

dlyn said...

Ours was very simple, so I can't even answer all the questions, but here goes:
My dress was yellow - my Mom made it and insisted I could not have a white dress because we had been living together [oh Mom! LOL]. We got married in the woods at a place that we liked to camp and had just one attendant each, with their spouses, plus both sets of parents and the minister. That was it. It had rained for days before and rained for a few days after but at about 3PM, the day of our 7PM wedding, the sun came out and shone brightly until it got dark out and started raining again. We had a mostly-family reception at my folks' house and then our friends threw us a big party at our favorite bar. We spent our honeymoon at my grandparent's cottage at Cayuga Lake in upstate NY - it was perfect!

Pioneering in PA said...

Looks like fun! It's running late though (or is it super early??) and I have to head to la la land for a bit (maybe, T-Bone is home so oooohhhh la la... maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that.. feel free to hit the mental delete key) so ANYWAY.. I will try to leave you a comment tomorrow or work it into my blog. Dreams.. *sigh* someday when the nightmares end! :)