16 February 2008

Saturday Smatterings


I'm up, read the paper, finished a few magazines, did a spoon count and realized that we are 0 for 0 today so just assembled my quilt supplies and we're chillin' in the recliner today being entertained by Food TV and a coupld of DVDs I haven't seen in a while. Didn't get to sit and quilt yesterday as a certain annoying thorn in my flesh made the idea of sitting a Mickey Mouse no-no. So we paced and did everything you can possibly do from a standing position(EXCEPT that!)

Roger is on a baking spree. I hear cinnamon rolls are in the works. These babies are to die for! We're talking homemade with yeast and using a rolling pin and the whole nine yards. No Better Crocker for this man when it comes to his baking.

And although it scares the bejeebers out of me to even whisper this, I have been told that Kelli starts working on Tuesday at One Media. They do the local TV commercials and her job will be to answer phones, do data entry AND WATCH CABLE TV ALL DAY to make sure the clients' commercials are being aired. And they're paying her $8.50 an hour to do so. One employed daughter down, one to go.

Have a superriffic Saturday!


Asthmagirl said...

Ness.... No spoons! Dang. I hate no spoon days. I think I have 2-3 today.
Also sorry to hear about your extremeties. I got those with my first and second daughters. They don't flare up often, but when they do... oh my!

The cinnamon rolls sound to die for! You're very lucky!

Have a great day! Hope you have a superior spoon count tomorrow!

Katie said...

Hey Ness- no spoons, huh? I feel you on that. Today is the first day in about a month that I'm just going to sit down pretty much all day.

I finally got around to "judging" all the jokes that people left for me and you are one of my two winners. Let me know (when you have a chance) a charity that you would want a donation made to and I'll announce it and donate in the next few days.

Congrats! and I hope that you have a better day tomorrow.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Yeah for my birthday...

Boo for no spoons...

Wish I was close by - I'd come by and make you laugh. Don't think you need spoons for that!

Look at my cards again today - LOVE THEM!!


Big Daddy said...

I do love home made cinnamon rolls. I haven't had them in ages since my mother is the one that makes them for me, and since I've been in the Navy for eleven years now, it's tough to get home much...anyhoo, have one or five for me and enjoy your quilting.

Pioneering in PA said...

Enjoy those cinnamon rolls! I'm vowing to have all of my spoons in order tomorrow, so I can clean the house, shower, bathe 3 kids, and usher them all to my sister's to watch the race. I so don't do NASCAR, but T-Bone put me into the pool at work for Casey Mears. Root him on for me.. would ya? Can always use the extra cash.

Anonymous said...

Love homemade cinnamon rolls! oh, Ness! save me one of them. i'll be right over....we'll sit and chat...or you can stand. hehe. and we'll drink coffee and eat those rolls and talk about our mutual love for Neil Diamond!!! :)

Have a great weekend!