05 February 2008

What Wonderful People I Blog With

Too good to keep until tomorrow!

That sweetheart of a Hallie from Wonderful World of Wieners('m link challenged) left a message on my phone that she was just checking on me and hoping my Tuesday got better. By the time the tornado/sleet/hail/thunder left to allow me to check my phone msgs it was too late to call her and thank her. Hallie, you so touched my heart with your message. Thank you so much! If you haven't been to WWOW, get thee hither cause not only does her blog header pic rock, but she has an amazine Air Force son CJ who is serving our country and is just totally awesome!!!

And I won another blog award!

Catty Ax Lady from Whirlwind Lodge gave me the above award. She lives just across the Mississippi River from me (maybe 20 miles away)and I hope to be able to meet up with her soon. I wish I could figure out how to link(link hates me) you to her blog but just run over to because she is phenomenal and she just let us in on some BIG NEWS!!!!!

I am so blessed to have such great blog friends. Bless you both!

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Debra w said...

You are an amazing blogger! I do hope that you are feeling better today!

Big Hugs,