22 February 2008

Who Doesn't Love Fridays?

First of all, it's the beginning of my weekend(I work Sun-Thurs). And it gives us permission to shut down for a couple of days and regroup.

Thanks for checking on us. Roger(Roger-Roger-ROGER!) was a stubborn man and went back to work today despite the fact we could host a hockey tourney with the ice we have on our streets and he has to walk to the bus stop at the end of the neightbor, take the train to St. Louis and walk to work from the train station. Men! The 8th wonder of the world. No wonder God made Men always have a trial and error before you reach success! Anyway, I called and he made it there fine. The weather is supposed to start in again today with snow/sleet/freezing rain so I hope his trip home is uneventful. We've already gone through one hip replacement 3 weeks after my thyroid cancer surgery.

We're supposed to have our friends up this weekend but they got the same weather we did so I'm thinking maybe not. I would love to see Cade and Carter(almost 2 and almost 3)though...

And it's Award Day.

The You Make Me Smile award goes out to:


Roxie, Andy and Sammy


Thank you for making me smile. It's a tough job but you've managed to do it for this week.

Note: Honest to God, the links above work even though they still show up in white. I have changed the link color to light blue, I have redone the links a bazillion times and it's not cooperating. Apparently Link God hates me!

More awards coming next Friday.

Even though it's my day off, my boss scheduled a conference call for 10:00 so time to take the dachsie girls out on the ice, use the necessary room and stock up on coffee. Hopefully it will be short, sweet and to the point as I have a book calling my name and 2 dachsies who are having a stare down with me and walking to the door as if to say, "It's cuddle time in the recliner." Gotta love those dachsies!

Have a phenomenal weekend all y'all.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Roger's a trooper. Just like me. Two peas in a stupid pod.... :)

Enjoy the book and don't let your boss take up too much of your precious free time.

Give the doxies a hug for me.


Alice said...

I hope you enjoy curling up with the puppies and a good book today. Stay warm! (And I love the candle Hallie's mom sent you.) I think it is a lovely idea that you will keep a candle lit for him while he's gone. I think we should all join you in that endeavor.

Have a great weekend!

Alice said...
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dlyn said...

Aw thanks Ness - you make me smile quite a bit too! I will get this in my sidebar later today :hugs: Hope you are totally back to feeling better before you have to go to work again!

kimmy said...

Have a great weekend Ness!

Enjoy spending time with your puppies - I'll be thinking of you!


Scarlett Wanna Be said...

You are probably the sweet blog person I know (well, know through the computer). Thank you so much!!!! You make me smile!!! Just so you know, if you played sports- I would cheer for you. If you sang- I would clap for you. If you danced- I would beat box for you. You are one special lady.

PS- I had to work today so I got here as soon as I could. I wish I would have seen it sooner, I would have been smiling all day long!

Pioneering in PA said...

Too bad about the awful weather. We were buried under quite a few inches today, and I'm supposed to head for the capital de NY tomorrow morning, Yeah baby! BUT BUT BUT... our local roads don't get plowed like they should. And my car detests having to bog through nearly a foot of snow for at least 5 miles. Two miles into it, and the check engine light pops on and it starts skipping a beat, or two, or four.. *sigh* T-bone seems to think that it will be dried out by morning, and that we won't have a problem again. We just had plugs & wires put on it 8 months ago, so that *shouldn't* be the issue. Something about a costly coil pack could be the problem, so we will see. It only started doing it once T-Bone had to start utilizing ill kempt roads just to get to and fro to a job that pays those darned people's wages that SHOULD be out there plowing those roads. But, yeah yeah yeah, I'm done sniffling. Man, how is it that everytime I comment on your blog, I get sidetracked and start talking about me, or someone else, and forgetting to talk to you? I'm a horrible blog buddy. *hangs head in shame*

Anonymous said...

Have a great weekend, Ness! Lenny sends you hugs and love! :)

Pioneering in PA said...

Tagged you for when you need more fodder! Get cooking when you get the time.