10 March 2008

Quotable Tshirts

Are you ever too old to wear a quotable tshirt--you know, one that has a quote/saying/logos on it?

IMHO, you're never too old!

I have quite a few in my collection of tshirts....fact is, I think I have only 2 tshirts with no quotes on them.

My favorite? No such thing! I like them all. To get into my tshirt collection, I have to read it and immediately relate.

My collection includes the very quotable Maxine of Hallmark fame. She and I see eye to eye on 99.9% of life. Then there's my St. Louis Cards shirts, none of which are wearable this year cause they traded the players I have shirts for. Sigh. But at least my 2006 World Champion Cards shirt will never go out of style. Roger and I had embroidered dachshund shirts made at a craft fair one year with the name Shania embroidered on it. In Richmond there was a fund raising event for dogs who needed to be adopted/rescued called Bark in the Park and I had to have that tshirt. Of course I wear my Susan G. Coleman Race for the Cure(cancer)shirt that I got for participating in that great cause in 2006.

I would also like these:

And I would safely say that I would love nearly every one of these:


So do YOU have a favorite quote tshirt and if so, what is the quote on it?

Cause I'm always looking for more to add to my collection.

Have a wonderful day and do something nice for someone else. It will make them feel good and make yourself feel better!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I don't think I own a single shirt with a saying on it.

But if you ever find one that says


send it my way!!


Pioneering in PA said...

Like Hallie, I don't own shirts with sayings. I guess I'm the type that tries to draw attention away from my chest.

Glad that you have a thing with logo shirts!

Catty Ax Lady said...

Like Hallie, I don't think I have any shirts with "sayings" on them. I do, however, have a tshirt that has the Dots logo on it, because, well, it's tight, and Big Boss Man's favorite candy is Dots. I also have a cami/panties set that has the Junior Mints logo on it...hence the nickname "Junior Mint for our future AxChild (blush).

What can I say, I'm all about the candy.

Scarlett Wanna Be said...

I like the one that has a wiener dog with a pink bubble coming out of it's butt and the kid standing next to it says, "I told you not to eat my gum!'

So true...soooo true.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

But don't you think Kimmy's Dad DOES have a nice "auger?"

I was merely stating the obvious!

Hallie :)

katie said...

My fave is "Rehab is for Quitters!"

woooohoooooo! haha!

Have a great day, my friend!!

Alice said...

I LOVE Maxine, too. She totally tells it like it is. Every thing I read by her is HILARIOUS. She is my favorite card to get for my friends! :)