18 March 2008

What To Do, What To Do

I HAVE to meet you sweet people! You left the most uplifting notes on my blog today. I had to read them to Roger and we both agreed that the little red truck is gonna have to do some major road trippin' this year to meet all of you!

And Alice and all other Atlanta peeps, I hope you dodged the damage from the tornado/storms this weekend. My prayers are with all who were in the path of the nasty weather. I hate Spring/Summer for that very reason---tornado season! Illinois seems to be the gathering place for tornadoes and I.hate.them.

My kids all checked on us Monday and it did a mom's heart good. I worked for a while and then joined Roger and the dachsies in Recliner Central(aka our living room). The only thing that would slide down my throat was oatmeal. Didn't have one can of our company's (Campbell's---giggle) cans of soup in the cupboard. Tried to get the dachsies to rustle me some up but no, they played the tired card.

I bet Lenny would have done it if Katie would have let him cross the state or two or three...

Isn't he a doll?

My sweet husband got up to fix him something and took pity on me...could be because he slept all afternoon and I worked...

It's a busy TV night. My beloved alma mater, Southern Illinois University Carbondale Salukis got an NIT bid(rather, lucked into it...they need to hang up their basketball nets for their lousy playing and not getting into the NCAA tourney this year--grr)so their game is on ESPN2 Tuesday night, AI is on and DWTS is on. The only break I caught is that DWTS and AI are on at different times or I would get carpal tunnel syndrome switching between 3 stations!

DH is off getting blood tests(but at least he got to sleep in) and then back to work(15 days until he retires!)so guess I should get to work myself.

And yes, you astute ones, caught what I did. I pre-posted and forgot to save it as just a draft. I am such a loser. But, hey, everything on the post is as true for Tuesday morning as it is for Monday night. Just didn't want to leave ya hangin' Tuesday morning in case I didn't get to post in a timely

Have a terrific Tuesday!!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

When are you road tripping? I think a massive get together in Boston is in the cards for late summer/early fall. (next Spring at the latest!)

How much fun would that be?

You CAN'T tell who is digging snow and who is celebrating a bday? Read it again my dear sweet overly medicated's SOOOO obvious!!

Hallie :)

Alice said...

We did survive tornadoes just fine. They were a little south of where I live. I'm just north of downtown Atlanta (Commonly known as the Buckhead area).....YES! I have faithfully followed Jacob's journey for about 3 years now. Caringbridge was a life-line to me when Kelly was diagnosed. Even though she was not a child - for some reason I stumbled across a couple of kids' caringbridge pages and fell in love. And have followed them ever since. Jacob, Kendrie (Her mom has an awesome blog now), Julianna in Canada and Conor in Canada. Those were my first glimpse at blogging. But more importantly, they gave me the chance to see how others grieved and dealt with things and most importantly they inspired me. So _YES!! - I continue to follow Jacob's family and their little girl is TOO CUTE For words!! Isn't it crazy how we've all probably "run across each other" at a million other blogs? I'm so glad to have found my "blogging" family.

Thanks for your sweet, sweet words about Kelly today. It meant alot.

Steph said...


I hope that you and Roger are feeling better very soon. We survived the tornadoes just fine. There is some damage in the areas around here.

Sorry I haven't been here in a little bit, we have been having internet problems.