09 May 2008

Blessed Beyond Blessed

Our God is an AWESOME God!!!

He blessed me with the most PHENOMENAL blog friends who are more like siblings now.

As Hallie said, you don't know the power of people praying for you en masse until you've experienced it!

From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank each and everyone who prayed, held good thoughts, sent us strength, called and emailed/blogged on Kiereney's behalf. I have no doubt in this world that had it not been for you, this weekend would have been spent burying my daughter.

Instead, she came home from the hospital about 1 on Thursday, had a reasonably good night and is with me today on her brother's campus as we catch up on our emails. Understandably her strength is nil and I hold onto her arm all of the time but she is alive! At 5 tonight Michael will graduate with his B.A. in History and he will be able to look over and see his baby sister sitting there watching him.

I will do a more extensive blog complete with a nauseating amount of pictures from the weekend when I get home Sunday evening. Kiereney is coming home with us and we will be bringing her back a week from today for her neurologist appointment.

The week has not hit me yet. I am on a Mommy/Nurse high taking care of my kids and being grateful that I made it to this day. I was diagnosed with cancer 3 weeks before Michael left for SIU and he was ready to stay in Virginia with me. I told him we had a deal---he would graduate and I would be there to see him. He is thankful beyond words for that and that also his 89 year old grandfather who was the one who inspired him to go into the Army as he served at Normandy, will be at his commissioning ceremony in the morning.

We have ONE final grade to come in to determine if Michael is graduating with honors tonight. Please keep all fingers crossed that it comes in at an A. He is with his professor now.

Thank you again to all my friends, old, new and in between, who so graciously gave of their time to support us. You will never be forgotten!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

It's so easy to support your family because they are an extension of you. And you are someone we have come to know and love.

I'm keeping all crossable body parts crossed for an "A" but if he doesn't get it, I'm still thrilled for him. You always tell me things happen for a reason, right? :)

Can't wait to see pictures! (of course none of them will be nearly as nice as my stick figure pic I sent you!)


Alice said...

Ness, what a wonderful thing for your family to look forward to this weekend. I sit here with tears streaming down my face, becuase I know what it means.

Continuing to send love and prayers your way. And I agree with Hallie! (go figure...) :) You are a part of our family now and it is our privilidge to support you when you need it.


kimmy said...

Ness - I hope you and your family have a wonderful weekend. I will be thinking of you...

Have a very happy Mother's Day!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

yep yep so true you are just STUCK with us now and to think I even have had the fun of meeting IRL :) so that just makes it all the more close! Happy Birthday and Graduation MIchael We are all proud of you!
love n hugs

Lanny said...

What a fabulous update! :) So glad things are better!
I hope Kiereney is stronger and feels better each day.
Congrats to Michael. He sounds like a great guy! I love the deal y'all made. I know you must be one proud mama!

Vegas Princess said...

Came here through Hallie's blog and I am so happy to hear things are going well. I will continue to send prayers and well wishes your way through the blogosphere!

Roberta Thornton said...

Have a fun day--and then, on Mother's Day, please, will you collapse happily in a delicious Mother's Day nap?!!!

Blessings and peace to the mother of a new Lieutenant!

dlyn said...

I am SO glad Ness - praise God for His awesome grace. This will be a good Mother's Day for you my friend. Congrats to your son as well and please give him my thanks for his service.

kim-d said...

I am so sorry I didn't get here sooner--after all, I do appreciate a good LOVE FEST--but I'm here now to say this. What Hallie said, what Alice said, what Laura said, what Kimmy said, what Lanny said, and what Vegas Princess, Dlyn, and Roberta Thornton said...all of it goes for me, too!!!

I am so glad and so relieved that everything is turning out exactly as it should be. The power of prayer is truly an awesome thing and, yes, God IS good all the time! It is my honor to continue praying, crossing body parts that can be crossed, etc. Can't stop now!

Have a wonderful weekend, Ness and give all your kids a squeeze for me...and your sweet hubby, too :)!

Love & hugs...

Maribeth said...

Thank God, Thank God, Thank God!!!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

Happy Mothers Day Ness you are a wonderful MOM!
I am blessed to know you!
Love n hugs Laura

Steph said...


I hope that you have a wonderful Mother's Day.


kim-d said...


Continued prayers, my friend. Have yourself a wonderful day!

Kellan said...

So happy to hear that your daughter is home with you - what a blessing on this Mother's Day!!! I hope you have had a good Mother's Day Ness - take care - Kellan

I will keep you all in my prayers.

Barb said...

What a relief to read all this, Ness. It sounds like this will be one of the best Mother's Days you ever had. I'm so glad all is well now.

cyndy said...

I'm so glad she is recovering, and congrats to Michael.
Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.