29 May 2008

I Can Never Show My Face Outside This Apartment Again

You know Hallie, right?

Of Wonderful World of Wieners fame?

She's been on Letterman and The View.

Have you read today's post?



For those who haven't, get your little behinds over there RIGHT NOW and read it.

Cause if'n you don't, you won't appreciate the story I'm about to tell.

Go on, can come back after you've read it and participated in it.

I'm not kidding.


OK, we're all reassembled now?

Draw up a chair or a piece of the floor and listen.

In case SOME of you DID NOT follow the instructions, I'm gonna have to talk in code here in case you were disobedient and DID NOT go and read Hallie's post for today.

You know that thing you're supposed to do when you read Hallie's post?

Picture this if you will...

It's 7:15 in the morning. All the apartment dwellers(sans Roger cause he's retired) are getting ready to go to work.

It's a beautiful morning...the sun is shining, the birds are being twits--I meant twittering and the air has a slight cool touch to it.

I read Hallie's post and did what it said.

I did it loud and I did it proud.

And then I was done and heard something.

Like someone hysterically laughing.

And then I realized that the window right next to the computer was open.

I looked out and my downstairs neighbor who I went to school with was laughing so hard she was scarin' squirrels.

Realize that I have NOT had any coffee yet.

I won't shame myself(anymore than I just did) and repeat her remarks.

God heard them and I'm sure He was laughing at my expense as well.

OK, I'll repeat one of her remarks:

"WHERE did you get the lyrics for that song? You know Elton did it as Levon first!"

I just waved her off and shut the window.

I SO need coffee.


Have a phenomenal day.

I will be spending mine indoors, hidden away...

By evening all the neighbors will know, and no I WON"T be taking requests...

Reuben, you so owe me babe!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

I SOOOOOOO love this and can so see it happening... My cory was almost LEVON i so love this song but I was belting out ruben too... thank GOd there are no neighbors close enough to hear!
Love you heaps!
Giggeling and laughing

Flea said...

Bwahahaha! You go, girl! I'm not the type to belt aloud unless a know a song well. Don't know that one. Daniel - now that's an Elton for the ages.

Steph said...


That story is way too funny. I personally just hummed along with the song because I was afraid of giving Grammy a heart attack.

Still waiting to hear back from Xerox, but hopefully I will hear something next week. The end of the month is always crazy, so I don't expect to hear anything this week.


Steph said...

Oh by the way, I posted from the winning entry today. I also updated the look of my blog again and would like your input.


Mama Bear said...

Oh That's GREAT Ness! Thanks for the laugh!! I too was singing aloud, but if my neighbors heard, they didn't laugh, they ran for the hills!!! LOL..

God Bless~

Asthmagirl said...

That's too funny! It's your 15 minutes of fame, Ness!

Work it girl!

Becky said...

Randy: Yo Yo Dawg...Listen just didn't do it for me.

Paula: I thought you were lovely, I liked it. I can see your light shining through. You could sell records right now.

Simon: (British accent in place) I have to agree with was dreadful. It was a bit of a night club performance for me. Probably enough to get you through to next week though.

:) You are hilarious!

The Maid

Alice said...

Too funny! Bwahahahaha!!!!! I love that you sing it loud and proud Ness!

kim-d said... go, Ness!!! You've got me laughing hysterically right here at work, a day later even...BWAHAHAHAHA. I can't help it, I just have to say...ridicule is what you get when you follow Hallisicle's instructions, Ness. She will lead you down the primrose path everytime, so you MUST resist following her instructions. I know she's a charismatic little devil, but just remember this: Following Hallisicle's instructions = ridicule.

More BWAHA'ing...

kimmy said...

Hold your head up high Ness and keep on singing! I am sure that there are a lot of Bloggers out there that are singing right along with you!


Alice said...

She's the red-head in the pictures. But I bet you could have guessed that! :)

My mama loves you! (And I do, too)

kim-d said...

I guess I can understand how you can never show your face outside your apartment again, but you should still be able to blog. Right?

Laura ~Peach~ said...

lol Kim D....I was thinking that...
I hope all is well with Roger and the dr office / hospital called you back and you did not have to go postal on them.
HUGSSSSSSS and lOve ya