10 June 2008

Kiereney Jo Could Use A Little Good News

Today's Dr. apt. with her family doctor did not go well.

Her blood pressure was 161/11something(she couldn't remember) so they upped her Lisinopril(bp med) from 2.5 to 10 mg. The Dr. gave her an injection of Demerol(didn't have morphine in the office or she would have gotten that) with Phenergan(Phenergan is known to prolong the effects of a pain med) to deal with the pain and try to get her blood pressure down. She gave her another prescription for Lortab and she has to take it every 4 hours without fail. She's leaving the Nortriptyline at 75 mg and apparently has really done her homework on viral meningitis since she saw Kiereney last week. She said Kiereney is either having headaches from viral meningitis(still active in the blood and if so, she will probably be hospitalized here after the neurologist here does another lumbar puncture and gets the results from that for more IV antibiotics). If the spinal fluid comes out OK, then she is considered to be having post viral meningitis headaches and other medicines will be used. Whether this is inpatient or not I do not know. Kiereney freaked when she heard she will be headed for another lumbar puncture.

They gave her copies of her hospital medical records to bring to the neurologist this coming Monday and that was a no-no as she has been reading them and calling me to check on what this is or what the normal is for this blood test. I'm sure this is doing great things for her blood pressure...I know it is mine...

And it was a Manic Monday as Kelli worked 2 hours and they told her she was not qualified for the job as they had her in front of some techno phone answering system that she had never worked on before and the temp agency knew that, but, oops, *forgot* to mention it to Kelli or to the client she was working for so the temp agency is looking for her another position and Kelli is once again unemployed. Kelli is crushed/upset/angry/depressed/worried/fill-in-the-blank.

I called Michael at work after all of this and asked him if all was well in his world and if it wasn't, he chose not to tell me.

My computer system had to be reloaded with my work software and that took forever and a day and I didn't get started working until nearly noon.

I don't like dealing with money, finances, banks or anything that falls remotely in those categories. We had to go to the bank today and convert Roger's retirement money into either an IRA or mutual funds. He and the financial specialist had a wonderful conversation and I nodded in the appropriate places. Right now comprehension and long explanations are not in my MO so as long as Roger was on top of it and my name was on it, wonderful. Come to find out when I had to give my date of birth to the specialist, she said, "Oh, you're the same age as I am." I was just thinking she looked well into her 60's with her overtanned skin, wrinkles, etc. and I find out she's my age. And in further chatter, her ex-father-in-law was my junior high principal whom I adored! And her ex-husband was a year ahead of me in high school and was Mr. BMOC(Big Man On Campus---the ultimate athlete/heart throb, etc.) When we left she said, "We'll have to get together for a Class of 72 gathering sometime." She's dripping in diamonds and I'm in my Dr. Seuss tshirts, shorts and Crocs...yeah, buddy, we're definitely in the same socioeconomic class...she probably lights her trash with what I pay in rent...I don't see a gathering in my future.

I checked the parking lot when we left to see if there was some hot sports car cause if so, it had to be hers...

I can't wait to see what today brings...

But hey, for all you kids who went to high school from 68-72, here's a song that was one of my faves complete with a picture of a *GASP* 45 RPM record playing...

Darlin Be Home Soon

Tomorrow is Wordful Wednesday.

And...if you are super sleuths and go to Alice's blog and check her comments, you can see a picture of the beautiful bride and her husband coming down the aisle after the ceremony. She is simply breathtaking!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Sounds like life for the NESS family is not fantastic right now. When it rains, it pours.

Keeping you all in my constant thoughts and prayers.


katie said...

I am always thinking of you all and praying for you, Ness!

Hang in there, girl. and know that so many people are holding you close.

Have a terrific Tuesday!

kimmy said...

I'll be thinking of you Ness!


Mama Bear said...

Thinking of you Ness, and Kiereney and Kelli. I have had spinal taps myself. Can't say I blame her for not wanting another one. I hope good news comes from it.

God Bless you Ness and your family~

jojo said...

Thinking of you and your family Ness, and sending prayers your way. I had a spinal headache once and it was enough to stop me in my tracks for days. Can't imagine what Kierney is going through but know she is in my thoughts. Take care.


dlyn said...

Sending up some prayers for your girl Ness!

kim-d said...

Awww, Ness...for pete's sake, enough already! You know how I sympathize for poor Kiereney; tell Kiereney Jo that Kimberly Jo is saying lotsa prayers for her :)! But now I'm really feeling bad for Kelli; that is just terrible, what they did to her. She needs to hold her head up high; SHE DID NOTHING WRONG. Morons!

Take good care of you, Ness--love, hugs and prayers!