27 June 2008

Simply Phenomenal!

Connor(11 and our Asperger's grandson) and Kyle(9) are on the same baseball team this year. They were in playoffs last night and THEY WON!!! But not without a heart-stopping moment.

Kyle was up to bat and was beaned in the head by the pitcher. My stomach flipped when I heard that CRACK on the helmet. I flipped my phone out and if he hadn't moved, I was calling 911. He shook it off and seemed no worse for wear but his mother, grandfather and I nearly coded.

Connor got a great hit and got out at first but ran with all his might and we were so proud of him!

We have another playoff game Saturday at noon and then Roger's son, wife and 5 kids(Daniel was adopted from Korea and when we saw him last year he was just trying to walk) will join us here along with Roger's brother and sister and we will have Italian beef. Which reminds me, I have a Banana Split Cake to put together.

Tonight we are taking the boys out to eat at Perkins and then going to a place in the village called Sweet Jenny's, a homemade ice cream parlor and you don't even want to know the percentage of butter fat in their ice creams. Plus you can get things added to your ice cream(candy, chocolate chips, nuts, cookies, etc) and they "smush" them in the ice cream on a marble slap. The boys have never been to Jenny's...Roger introduced me to Jenny's when I moved to Buffalo in 1993 and there is a miniature waterfall/park area right around the corner from it. I could watch the waterfall for ever!

We're then going to take them to Blockbuster and let them pick out a movie to watch. They have never done this before so they are excited!

We saw WALL-E this morning. Connor was so happy he was the first person in the theater to see the FIRST showing of WALL-E. It was a cute movie...nothing like two robots falling in love...

We won't get to go to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls because it is closed for some insane reason and Lyn tells us that it's a three hour wait on the Peace Bridge just to get there(it's 14 miles from here)

Going to church with both of Roger's kids and their families on Sunday and then going with the whole clan to Duff's for buffalo wings. The boys want to cook S'mores over a campfire Sunday night.

We'll be leaving about 3 a.m. Monday morning for home.

Please keep my kids in your prayers. Michael's pay is all screwed up and now they tell him it will be 15 July before he gets it. Seems the ONE person that is needed to key in the computer system his new rank is not there and no one else can seem to do it. Kelli went to the doctor yesterday and they put her back on her medicine for her panic attacks and her blood pressure is elevated. She was supposed to start work Monday and they called and said they didn't need her. She feels very low right now. Kiereney's headaches are not lessening at all and her stepmother pulled another one on her and I'm about ready to detour through Southern Illinois and deal with that woman.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Your ice cream place sounds like Cold Stone Creamery - we have one in Portland and it's amazing!!

Yeah for the mighty baseball players!! How cool (but scary!)

Your kiddos sure are keeping you on your toes. CJ is on a plane as I type heading for Atlanta. Then on to Boston. Will text you when my Dad says he has him!

Thinking of all y'all!


PS - Do you need back up for that beat down? :)

Mama Bear said...

I'll come help with the beat down, and do what I can. Evil step mother's need to be beat down!!

Be careful and enjoy the rest of your visit!!

God Bless~

kimmy said...

Now I want some ice cream...yummy!


kim-d said...

Sounds like we can have a foursome for the beatdown, cause you can include me. NO EXCUSE for that crap! And that's coming from a (step)mother. NO EXCUSE!

Cold Stone Creamery...YEAH, BABY! There is one 2 miles from my house; good thing for me it is too "cost prohibitive" to go very often. The second good thing is that yummy Culver's custard is only 1/2 mile away and is more within the budget. The Good Lord provides :)!

Sounds like you are having a wonderful time with your kiddos. Do I sense that there will be the needing of "a vacation from your vacation" wherein you and Roger will need to rest up after the vacation??? BWAHAHAHA...

They're the best kind!

katie said...

Hope you are having a great weekend, Ness! Thank you for your sweet email. You are a doll. I am alright, girl. thanks for your kind thoughts and lenny and i send you much love.

DysFUNctional Mom said...

A big congrats to the boys!

Alice said...

Hope the rest of your weekend was phenomenal and I hope that you guys have a safe, safe trip home. Prayers for all of yours.

ed said...

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