03 July 2008


First, a key to the Who's Who of these pictures(and yes I am captioning each one)

There are three Campbell sibs(Roger, Brian and Phyllis)
Of the three, only Roger had children.

Roger's children and their spouses are:

Daughter Kathryn married John and they have Marielle(18), Erin(16), Grace(13) and Alexa(8). They live near Chicago and they were not at the Buffalo Gathering this past week.

Son Chris married Michelle and they have Christopher(17), Matthew(16), Emily(13), Sarah(8) and Daniel(2 and adopted from Korea when he was 9 months old) Michelle's mother, Mrs. King, lives with the family.

Daughter Lynda married Vinny and they have Connor(11) and Kyle(9)

Lyn lives in a Buffalo suburb and Chris lives in Orchard Park, home of the Buffalo Bills football team so they are about 30 minutes from each other.

So now we're done with the who begat who, on with the pics!
The pic above is Lyn sitting at the table adjusting an earring when the stepmother snapped a picture.

This is Emily. We were at Duff's eating Sunday lunch and they have an arcade room. Emily was just being Emily and in perpetual motion. Love that girl!

This is Kyle being very intense with an air hockey game with cousin Sarah.

This is Roger's son Chris being hit up for money for the games by Daniel(they learn SO young)

(l to r) Lynda(we call her Lyn), Chris and Michelle at Connor and Kyle's Saturday ballgame.(Update: Their team won Monday night and they're in the SEMI FINALS!!!!!!)

And this is our youngest grandchild Daniel picking up the game early. His brothers are phenomenal(as in probably getting baseball scholarships to college) ball players. Daniel was barely crawling when we saw him last July. He now knows no bounds!

Emily playing catch with Daniel. Chris and Michelle are so fortunate that their 4 older kids are so good to play and watch Daniel.

(l to r) Christopher(tall and the girls flocked around him at church) holding Daniel, Sarah and Michelle in the arcade room at Duff's(phenomenal wings, BTW)

Lyn and Phyllis in Lyn's kitchen after the game getting the food ready for the clan!

(l to r) Kyle, Connor and Sarah eating at the kids table.

Michelle doing what she does best---everything. She lost her sister Lynda when she was young and her father died in the last few years. She has full care of her mother now, runs a 5 kid household with a plethera of ages and activities to deal with AND is remodeling her kitchen and house to add on a sitting room and bedroom for her mother to live with them. I'm not sure how long they have been without a kitchen but the cabinets arrive on July 11 and hopefully it will be done before school starts! Nothing EVER phases Michelle. She smiles in her sleep and is the epitome of calm and organized.

This is Matthew watching a movie on TV at Lyn's before the food hit the table. He has a new girlfriend and wanted this gathering to be over with so they could hook up.

This is Sarah sitting next to her grandmother at the ball game. She is a sweetheart. So is Sylvia(Mrs. King, her grandmother. I got in trouble for calling her Mrs. King while we were there and she informed us we are to call her SYLVIA. Her life is her daughter Michelle and her 5 grandkids. In the new kitchen, they are making a handicapped counter and sink area in addition to the regular sink and counter area so Sylvia can reach it to do kitchen chores and cook, which she loves to do.

This is Vinny(Lyn's husband) and Brian, Roger's younger brother.

Connor giving the "thumbs up" sign as he got a hit and made it to 1st!


Alice said...

Ness! Your family is just gorgeous. Really. I'm so glad you posted the pictures and I hope you and Roger had a wonderful, wonderful time visiting them. And I hope you have a restful, restful weekend.

Mama Bear said...

Now that's a beautiful family! Thanks for sharing them Ness. Glad that you had such a great time!!

God Bless~

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Awesome pics but with such a good looking family, that wasn;t hard to do!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

great pics and beautiful family!!!!
Happy 4th :)
love n hugs

kim-d said...

Awww, Ness! You and Roger have a beautiful, beautiful family. And it certainly appears like a good time was had by all. I just love seeing everyone's pix; it's so fun to put faces to names. Have a happy and safe 4th!

Amy said...

I love pictures! These are fantastic - beautiful family!