01 July 2008

The QUEST!!!

When Peach/Laura met up with me for supper when she was here, she brought me the most PHENOMENAL silver collector spoon from the state of Georgia. It is called a Spinner Collectors Spoon because the top of it has a disk of a Georgia peach and it rotates/spins. She told me I could get them in any Wal Mart(Peach lies like a rug...haven't found any at any Wal Marts yet! lol)

So yesterday morning we stopped for gas at a Pilot station. They tend to also serve the truckers of the world and they have a souvenir section in the store. I decided to look and LOW AND BEHOLD there was a PENNSYLVANIA SPINNER COLLECTORS SPOON!!!

So, Roger and I, being of unsound bodies and definitely fried minds, decided we'd stop at every.single.Pilot.station on the way back to Illinois that we came across and check for spoons. I figured that I could get one in Ohio, one in Indiana and one in Illinois.

THERE WERE NO MORE SPINNER SPOONS TO BE HAD! In fact, one Pilot in Indiana didn't even carry souvenir stuff. Oh sure, there were state spoons, but the tops didn't spin. And I'm determined to have a Spinner Collector Spoon from every US State! I even designed in my head the way they would be displayed on my wall AND I'm considering going to eBay and putting up a WANTED-STATE SPINNER COLLECTORS SPOONS(except for Georgia and Pennsylvania) with a $10 Finders Fee---in other words, you find my spoon that HAS to be a spinner collector spoon, email me with details and a pic and I will pay for the spoon, the shipping AND a $10 Finders Fee. If more than one person from a state finds a spinner collectors spoon then the earlier date and time(provided they have the correct kind of spoon) will get the Finders Fee.

And, yes, I'm certifiably nuts.

Just wanted to clear that up...

So I am on a QUEST for these state spinner collectors spoon and it's all Peach's fault! lol

And yes, I have tried Googling for them, including the company that makes the one Peach got for me but apparently the company was just a distributor and knew nothing from whence they came(probably black market items with MY luck!)

Hallie, bless her pea pickin' heart, wanted to send me one spoon from her kitchen drawer but it wasn't ~quite~ what I am looking for. But Hallie deserves PROPS all the same! Yeah Hallie!!!

I have the pictures done, but it will be Thursday before they are up. Tomorrow is Wordful Wednesday and today I have to earn some money with a negative 60,000 spoon count and knees that seem to be rubbing their bones together.

Glad to be home!


Alice said...

Glad you made it back!! I'm on a quest for you now, too!

Can't wait to see pics from the trip and really can't wait for Wordful Wednesday.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I just saw these in Walmart 1 week ago. Maine spoon with spinning thingy (might have been a lobster) on top.

Swear to God...I picked the darn thing up and played with it!

(btw, my spoons are still mad at you)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I will have to se eif I Can snag a south carolina one for you next time I head over the line... I hope all states do have one! I so want to see this collection when its all gathered together under your one roof!

ps of the millions of things I am blamed for and the 3/4 million I am actually responsible for this is the best so far!!!!! LOL
Love you!

Mama Bear said...

I will keep checking for a Ohio Spinner spoon for you! WE collect thimbles, have a good collection of them. Will have to put a pic on my blog sometime.
I am feeling your pain too, Ness, as I am quite spoon shy myself.

God Bless~

jojo said...

I've been searching the Amazon marketplace for you but i've had no luck yet. I just LOVE the idea of collecting spoons. My parents started a collection for me when I was younger and I have many, many, from all over the world. It means so much to me now that they are gone.

Did I tell you my sister is a thyroid cancer survivor?? About 4 years ago she had a cancerous papillary tumor and had her thyroid removed. Two years later she found a lump in the "thyroid" area and it turned out to be a follicular tumor with lymph node involvement. She had that removed, along with several lymph nodes and then had radiation treatments. She is two years clean now and doing very well. We hope and pray there will be no recurrence for her. Hoping and praying for you as well.

Debra W said...

I will keep my eye out for one from CA. I will make a special trip over to Wal-mart one of these afternoons to see if they have any.


Debra W said...

Oh yes, and if I find one, it will be a gift, my friend!