15 July 2008

You Know You Have OCD When...

The first thing you think of when hearing your husband has a broken foot is to rearrange all of the trips so you can drive from now until eternity because WHO can drive with a boot on his left foot?

When he gets home, you grab the White Out and immediately make dots on the black Velcro straps where they exactly meet so when you have to put the cast back on him, you will be able to line it up EXACTLY like the nurse did when she put it on him(big assumption here that the nurse did it right, which, for ONCE I didn't have time to consider---see, I am making progress! lol)

When in the first nanosecond you hear your daughter has to have another lumbar puncture, you immediately arrange a schedule including what the easiest/most comfortable thing to wear to hang around a hospital, plan meals for the next 3 days, determine what time to leave in order to get to the hospital on time for the procedure, where you should park at the hospital and the list goes on...this is all done in your head before you leave the examining room.

When you go to bed at night, you lay there and think of how to mark the ACE wrap on your husband's foot so that you get it exactly as it was put on by the nurse. You think of taking yarn and wrapping the OTHER foot as you are unwrapping the injured foot and then follow the yarn path when putting the ACE back on after his shower. Or you could use color coded stickers, using one on the ACE and the other on his foot and match up the stickers when you rewrap his foot. (You fall asleep before the decision and end up doing neither the next morning because you're half asleep when you need to take off the ACE for his shower and decide that you're as good as the nurse at the office and you can wrap the foot back satisfactorily without a map. Until you do it. And then you worry it's not exactly right and keep asking your husband if his foot feels OK and like it did yesterday when he came home from the Dr.'s office...)

You get the drift....say it loud and say it proud, "I'm SO glad I do not live in close proximity to this person!"

Lyn's colonoscopy came out OK so it's off to the OB/GYN for tests to see if it's adhesions or an enlarged uterus that is causing the problem.

Lyn is looking for your best homemade flaky pie crust recipe. She can't make it to her specifications in her mind on what the pie crust should be like or the kind she has had in restaurants where it is so flaky. She is an excellent cook/baker so guess she just hasn't come across the perfect homemade pie crust recipe yet. Email your recipes to and I will forward them to her.

Off to take Kiereney for labs.


Alice said...

Ness, I don't know how you manage to be the glue that holds everyone together, but you are my hero!!

Sending some extra prayers up for you today. Lots of love and lots of spoons!!

Anonymous said...

Ness, i agree with Alice! you are my hero too! i am sending out lots of prayers and love to you and your family today. and lenny always sends his regards to his Ness. :)

dlyn said...

Hey Ness - I will be praying that the lumbar puncture goes off without a hitch and that they can really get some help for your poor daughter. Also praying for Roger's foot to heal wonderfully with out surgery. And praying for strength for you!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

HUGSSSSSSSS and prayers!
love ya Laura

Katie said...

Hey Ness- I had a cuboidal fracture (stress fracture) in my foot and it was very slow to heal. After 9 months, 5 casts and 2 boots of no progress, found a new podiatrist who ordered something called a "bone growth stimulator."

I took my boot off at night and wore this while I was sleeping. It (painlessly) does something good because within a month, the bone healed (and actually, it was my cuboid and 4th and 5th metatarsals which are the bones that get the least circulation in the body, and it healed all 3 non-union fractures).

Next time you go to the podiatrist, ask specifically for this device. If you need the brand name I believe I still have mine somewhere. Like I said, it was a miracle.

Good luck with the lumbar puncture. As someone with an unrelated brain problem I just need to know- they have done MRIs already, right?

Katie said...

(The only reason I ask about the MRI is not to doubt your doctors, it's just that the brain condition I have prevents me from ever being able to get lumbar punctures or rather, they would cause a great deal of damage. I just wanted to make sure that they'd checked for that because it can be overlooked or misunderstood. My first neurologist wanted to do an LP and it was only after we showed him the literature/studies about how bad it was that he realized his mistake).

Shoot me an email if you have any questions.

Tonjia said...

Hi Ness, I found you through Hallies blog and I also have a dachshund! And I can be OCD just like you.

maybe its more organization and not so much OCD? I call it my "Monk syndrome".

love the blog! sorry to hear about your husbands foot and also about the Lumbar puncture...

you all are in my thoughts.

Katie said...

Ness- It sounds like you're talking about intracranial hypertension, which is also called pseudotumor cerebri, if you wanted to research it. If (heaven forbid) the LP comes back showing that she has high pressure, shoot me an email. A good friend of mine has PTC and would be an awesome resource.

Good luck.

MET said...

Hi Ness,
I never comment (yes, I'm a lurker) but I wanted you to know that your strength and faith are absolutely inspirational.

I'm a friend of Hallie's and she's told me what an amazing person you are. I've added your family to our church prayer chain (you should have been there when I tried to explain to the older lady who is my next-on-the-chain person who you was hysterical: What do you mean you don't know their last name? Why don't you know where they live? You never actually MET these people? You know her from a LOG? a BLOG? Huh??)

Anyway, I THINK you're added. Stay strong.

Mary Ellen

Leighanne said...

Ness. You win mother/wife/friend of the year. Good grief woman. You are tireless. Prayers are headed your way.

Reddirt Woman said...

Ness, I came by way of Hallie's blog to add my "hang in there, girl"... You have just about more than you can say grace over. Just remember, a lot of people are pulling for you and sending prayers and encouragement your way.

Helen G.