31 August 2008

And The Two Became One on 9/2/95

Michael and Kiereney were 10 and 8. The colors were teal, burgandy and black. The wedding music is in my side bar. All the guests save 2 were people like my dear blog friends who we met on the Internet on my husband's Diet Internet group. We surrounded ourselves with those who knew us before, when and after Roger and I met. Our song was "Beauty and the Beast" when we first met and evolved to include Kenny G when Roger took me to his concert in Buffalo shortly after we met. It has been the love of a lifetime and I am so blessed he chose me.


Reddirt Woman said...

My goodness, Ness... you all were sure cutting a rug. I love seeing wedding photos. I'm such a sap that looking at the photos kind of brings a tear to my eye. Enjoy your happy from now on...

Thanks for the smile today...


Laura ~Peach~ said...

ohhhhhh I LOVE those pics what a wonderful wedding!
Happy Anniversary!
Love n hugs Laura

Debbie said...

What a beautiful wedding. Thanks for sharing those. You 2 are cute together. Isn't love great? Espically with the right person.

Have a great Labor Day. My daughter had to evaculate, as she lives on the Mississippi coast. They went east into florida at her inlaws.

God Bless~

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Look at you booging down! YOU GO GIRL!!!



What a lovely wedding! Happy Anniversary.

Debra W said...

Nessie and Roger,

Happy, happy anniversary! You make such a lovely couple. Ness, you were absolutely glowing. And the kids look so beautiful! I loved looking at the pictures. Such a happy day! Our color was teal, too! I knew that you and I both had/have great taste! Especially in men!

Have a wonderful celebration!


Maribeth said...

Wasn't it the next February that we met on Cybercom? Funny how dachshunds brought us together. And then I met you guys that following summer with Shubi.
Love the pictures Ness, just beautiful!

jojo said...

Oh Ness...the pics are just beautiful. You looked just perfect and handsome. I'd say you both found your true love. Thank you for sharing your special day with us. Happy Anniversary you two, with good thoughts and prayers for many, many more, filled with love, laughter and family ;)

Tonjia said...

what a beautiful bride!! It looks like everyone had a wonderful day..

Happy Anniversary!!

Becky said...

Congratulations! :)

I, too, was married in 95...about a month after you has been a long, hard, journey, but worth it. As I am sure you can attest! ;)

I also have to confess that I wore the ginormous ruffled wad of tulle on my head too...I thought I was the bomb. I look back now and laugh...I looked like the bride of big bird.

Happy Anniversary!

The Maid

Alice said...

You know how I am about weddings. :) I love this post. This is probably my favorite post you've ever done. It has put a huge smile on my face. HUGE! And I love that y'all are totally gettin' down.

Happy Anniversary, Ness & Roger. Here's wishing you many, many, many more. :)