16 August 2008

I Really Don't Know Anything More About Michael

outside of the fact that he had a brief conversation with the IG Friday afternoon and that the problem seems to be due to his orders not being entered into the system/entered into the system incorrectly and Michael is to talk to the IG again on Monday and should have a pay date.

He sounds so encouraged and for that I am glad.

I have never been more discouraged in my life. I can't help but feel he's being given the runaround again. All I can do is cry and beat myself up for not being able to help the kids financially through this situation. Moms are supposed to be able to fix things. I'm losing my faith.

The girls are going with a friend of theirs to Richmond, Virginia where we used to live for the week and are meeting the friend up here tomorrow so we will be meeting all three kids tonight for supper and will bring the girls home with us tonight as their Jeep is down and they have no transportation up here to meet their friend except for Michael. Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers for a safe trip and for Kiereney not to get any worse while she is gone. She goes back to the neuro on the 25th.

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Tonjia said...

Your kids are in my prayers Ness. Dont beat yourself up because you cannot help them financially right now, everything will work out.

They are in my prayers too....

I could probably figure out how to get Michaels orders put in so he could get paid, do we need to have a CIVILIAN do it because the military hasnt been able too? LOLOL

Anonymous said...

all my love to you, sweet Ness. and hugs from Lenny who loves you very much too! :)

Debbie said...

Don't beat yourself up. I too, am in the same situation with not being able to help my kids finacially. You do a lot for those kids and they know it. Don't lose your faith. All things will be OK.

I pray Michael gets paid soon, and he is put into the system correctly. My sister is in payroll for the Navy. I know problems happen, but Michael's has gone on long enough.

Please keep your faith, don't give up. Know that we are all out here, praying, and loving you and your family.

I hope the kids have fun with their friends and have a safe trip. Enjoy them while you have them.


God Bless~

Catty Ax Lady said...

Ness, coming from a daughter who's been in financial pickles before, I can tell you this: sometimes my mom or dad have been able to help, but sometimes they haven't (and sometimes I haven't asked them or told them what's going on, because I knew they couldn't). Them being there, being able to spend the day with them, or email them, or just have a quick chat on the phone...those acts have "helped" me more than any amount of money they could ever give me.

You're fixing things, hon, whether you realize it or not.


Debra W said...

Oh Nessie,

Please don't carry any guilt about this situation. This is a tough lesson for Michael, but a lesson, none-the-less. He is a young man who is starting his own life, and with that there will come problems. Some will be big and some will be small, but the fact is that he must learn to deal with them all. He knows your financial capabilities and that you would do anything that you possibly could to help him. He KNOWS that, Ness. You are not disappointing your son. You have given him the skills that he needs in order to deal with this and that is what he is doing. Is it fair? NO! Is it a rough patch in his life? Yes. But he will make it through and he will learn something from it.

Please cut yourself some slack, honey, and know that Michael is going to be fine. Enjoy your visit with your children. Give them lots of big hugs. What about putting one of those Commisery(sp)links on your site, like Hallie had? Maybe that would be a way for us to help a little bit while Michael goes through this. Just a thought. So many people care, and sometimes prayers are not enough.

Love you, sweet friend.

kimmy said...

What a terrible situation...I hope it all gets straightened out...and soon!

Hope the rest of your weekend went well!