21 August 2008

If You Really Become What You Eat

then check out my new picture!

And until 2 weeks ago, yogurt NEVAH touched these lips! Yuk and spit and barf, etc.

Couldn't deal with the thought of the strong flavor and the texture.

Then I got the idea to get one or two and FREEZE ice cream, which I LOOOOOOOVVVEE!

So Roger gets some at the store, not noting to see that they were fat free and sugar free.

But sweetened with that foul nasty sugar substitute stuff. I detest it, be it in the pink pack or the yellow pack or the blue pack. I will go without sugar before I use the substitute. Granted, your mileage may vary, but it has always tasted bitter to me when I tried it during the 70's Weight Watches whirl.

First bite and I thought I had found the modern day version of Ipecac!

Then I read the container and realized that it was a no-go so we got the fat free only ones last week.

Oom, oom good!

My favorite so far? Orange creme, key lime, blackberry, mixed berry. Not so much the Boston creme pie and chocolate whatever. I stick with the fruits.

My kids nearly fainted dead away when they heard that their mom was eating yogurt albeit frozen.

Why now in my 54th year of life did I embark on the this?

Well, it's convenient. As in I can grab and go to the recliner with it or eat it during work at my computer.

It's satisfying but not a big portion to get down. I mainly eat off a saucer now as I can't handle much food at a time. The yogurt fills the need nicely.

So far I have tried them at all three meals and found they did the trick. I usually eat one for lunch but Sunday night it was my supper along with a small baked potato.

Does this open me up to try OTHER new things that Roger/children think I should eat?


So Roger, don't even go have been warned. lol

Have a tremendous Thursday!

And, do tell, if your favorite food(NOT drink, Hallie, so Diet Coke is O-U-T! lol) represented a picture of you, what would you look like?


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

It's just plain mean of you to NOT let me say DIET COKE. Why must you limit me so? I AM Diet Coke. Diet Coke IS me. We are one in the same.

I'm so upset right now that I can't even ATTEMPT to come up with an alternative answer.

Going to pop open a cold DC and tell it how mean you are!


Anonymous said...

okay YUM!! i must try this, Ness! what a great idea. Ok, i'm gonna try it and tell ya what i think. i am gonna get that key lime pie flavor.

Have a great day, my dear sweet Ness!

Alice said...

Love the idea of freezing yougurt. Although, I really like yougurt as is. :) However, if you were to see a picture of me as my favorite food - it would have to be, hands down: CHEESE!

I will not narrow it down to a particular kind of cheese, however. Just cant do that.

Debbie said...

I am with Hallie, Diet Dr. Pepper is ME! I could go without food, but never my Diet Dr. Pepper!! Being diabetic, Diet Dr. Pepper is my saving grace, so please do not exclude drinks, cause it is MY life!! LOL.

And yes, I am enjoying a Diet Dr. Peeper as I type this. I do love yogart, although but let me repeat Diet Dr. Pepper is my favorite!!

God Bless~

Reddirt Woman said...

I'm so with Hallie except for me it's Diet Pepsi. Now I'd probably have to say the cheap WallieWorld brand vanilla creme cookies. Totally not one of those things you should eat, but it is quick for breakfast when I'm caving, accompanied, of course, by a Diet Pepsi... How's that for healthy?!!!

The yogurt? About the only one I like is the Harvest Peach. I may have to try putting them in the freezer. Thanks for that tip, Ness.

BTW, if I ever figure out how to put music on my blog (thanks for stopping by), it will for sure have me some Garth on there...

Michelle said...

So sad that I missed this last week. I now have that thing on my blog that tells me when people post so I won't miss again. I am with the rest, if I can't be a diet coke then I don't want to be anything. Although I might look good as a pizza.