29 August 2008

Just Popping In

to wish you all a safe and happy Labor Day weekend.

My daughters felt the need to share their cold/virus with me so I've been hanging out in the recliner all day and just made it to the computer. What a way to spend your day off. ..

Hopefully tomorrow we are running around to the Farmers Market, Garden Ridge to get my Fall wreath, Wal Mart for new kitchen rugs and going to a Greek Festival so Roger can eat disgusting Greek food and I can eat baklava and Greek pastries.

On a positive note, if all goes well, I will be posting a few of our wedding pics here to celebrate our 13th anniversary on Tuesday and updating the music to reflect what the processional/recessional were and our first dance song as well as some others I like.

Can't remember if I told you but we met on the in Illinois and him in Buffalo, NY. As we like to say, we are one of the *successful* Internet romances. lol

I think we will save celebrating til mid September and hope to be able to make a trip to Atlanta to see Katie of Lenny fame, Alice, Stephanie and Laura/Peach around the 17th.

Michael is leaving for Virginia at midnight and a week of catching up with friends so please keep him in your prayers for safe travel. One more child mishap and I will go *POSTAL*! I need a break!

Enjoy your holiday weekend!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

I HATE that you're not feeling well. Hang in there!!



J and I met on the internet, too! It worked out wonderfully for us.
Hope you feel better soon!

Michelle said...

Healing Thoughts coming your way. Looking forward to seeing old wddding pictures. Maybe I will do something like that next year on the 10th. Thanks for the idea. Get plenty of rest and drink fluids. Thats what the nurses would say.

Tonjia said...

feel better soon, summer colds are the worst!

hey, I met my husband on the internet too. so thats two of us who found successful relationships online. LOL

happy anniversary!

Debbie said...

Psst. I met my David on the internet too!! Tee Hee, we have a lot in common!! He was in Tucson, AZ, I was in Charleston, SC, and now we are in Dayton, Ohio, which is where he is from.

Feel better, and Happy Anniversary!!

God Bless~

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hope you feel better and tell roger I LOVE greek salads!
drool enjoy :) I hope all works to where you guys get to come down! I can't wait to see you again!
Love n hugs Laura

Kimmy said...

Hope you are feeling better Ness!