19 August 2008

Next Stop Emerald City, Home of the Wizard of Oz

This is Emerald City, home to the All Wise and All Wonderful Wizard of Oz. He is known to give hearts of courage and brains of wisdom to people in need, among other things...
This is Kiereney's next stop after she gets home from Richmond because she is in DEFINITE NEED of a brain...
OK, so I'm at the computer yesterday around noon waiting on my work system to come up so I could work(did not happen) and had just hung up from Kelli. They were stopped at a McDonalds in Kentucky...Kiereney and Jason were inside eating and Kelli was in the car talking to me. Kiereney and Jason came back to the car and away they go...
About 15 minutes later I get a call from Geico, my insurance company. Seems like they had a call from a manager at McDonalds in Kentucky that my husband left his wallet there and could I please call the manager there...Roger is listening to my side of the convo and holding out his wallet as proof that it was NOT in Kentucky(like I really thought that anyway...I'm nutz but not ready for the rubber room yet!).
And then it hits me...and I was ready to rupture!
I got off the phone from Geico and called Kelli. Convo went something like this:
"Kelli Lynne, ask your sister if she has her wallet."
"Yeah, Mom, she has it..."
"Well, I just got a call from Geico about my husband's wallet he left there..."
"Yeah, Mom, it's MY wallet. I gave it to Kiereney to pay for her lunch and she left it in the bathroom. I just asked for it and she informed me she didn't have it. We're turning around at the exit and going to get it. Good thing I had the insurance card in my wallet. Yay Geico! Good customer service! Thanks Mom. Love you."
OK, so you say that anyone can leave something behind...
Here is the REST of the story...
Last time Kiereney Jo went to Richmond for her birthday in November, she came back without her wallet. Couldn't find it anywhere. We had to go through seven layers of hell to get her Social Security card, driver's license(and before we could get that we had to order her birth certificate because she had misplaced that!), etc. replaced.
Yesterday I preached a sermon that would have made Moses proud and said under no circumstances was she to leave my apartment without giving me her Social Security card. She had to have her license with her in case she had to drive for some unknown reason or I would have demanded it!
I asked her for this card several times.
She, Kelli and Jason left to go get something to eat and about 10 minutes later she was flying up our steps and said, "Where is my wallet? That stupid Michael probably has it in his car because he loaded my stuff in the trunk of his car and probably threw my purse in there and it dumped out and he will have to bring it up here tonight because I can't go to Richmond without it!"
She proceeds to call her brother and read him the riot act and he checked his car and his trunk and no wallet was found.
She stomps back down the steps muttering and left with Kelli and Jason again.
Ten minutes later I get a call from her....
"Uh, Mom, uh, I found my wallet. It was in Kelli's purse. When we took your truck to Wal Mart today, she found it in the truck when we got back and put it in her purse for safekeeping. I didn't tell her I was looking for it when I told her I needed to go back to the apartment while ago...sorry."
So I made her call her brother and profusely apologize for her tirade.
And less than 24 hours later, another wallet incident that she's connected to.
I may pay Jason to keep them in Richmond for an extended time...
And I wonder why I don't have the brains God gave to Silly Putty...
Motherhood is not for wimps!
In other news, the IG is supposed to give Michael the total today on what they owe him and discuss payment options as far as I'm concerned...put the money in his bank account electronically post haste TODAY or else he's taking it to the airwaves and his state representatives...
Enjoy your Tuesday!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

get the girl a bikers wallet then make her use it! the chain from belt to wallet MIGHT help... of course I have my own version of her... in cory... between laying his things ANYWHERE (he has misplaced his WORK SHOES!) and his constant destroying of cell phones.... Sigh... can I kick him to va with them???
HUGSSSSS And save me a space in the rubber room please!
love ya

Anonymous said...

hi there,

i work for GEICO and read your blog post. i am glad that everything worked out regarding the wallet and that our associates were able to assist your family!

enjoy your day!

Alice said...

OMG! I love that Gieco found your post. I have to say - I used them for a long time, and they really do have excellent customer service.

If it makes you feel better, I used to be really bad about doing that, too. I did get better. Ask Mimi. ;)

Tonjia said...

payment options??? uh nooooo.. they need to give ALL of the money to him immediately!

Poor Kierney, there is a pattern here, she might need to get a bigger wallet????

thank goodness someone at McDonalds had the sense to call Geico!

Michelle said...

Payment Option #1 - Pay the soldier what is due him! Nothing more, nothing less is asked.

What is with girls and their wallets? I am constantly on Shay about where her stuff is. I am surprised she has never lost her military ID card.

Kids? Gotta love them or we would be in jail.

jojo said...

even in the midst of all the chaos in your life right now, you still managed to crack me up with this post. I'm so glad it all worked out with the wallet, now if we could just get Michaels wallet filled up we'll be good to go. Still hoping and praying ;)