01 August 2008

Week Wrap

They say the best way to comfort your heart and mind is to keep both on others so please keep in your thoughts and prayers:

Alice's Pop who was rushed to the hospital one day shy of his 66th wedding anniversary.

Steph's(My Daily Life) grandma as she goes through eye treatment.

CJ as he transitions back into civilian life one week from today and for his dad who is flying down to drive back with him from Florida to Maine.

Kathy and all involved who are having to deal with not having Cade and Carter in our daily lives.

My husband as he goes back to the doctor this coming week to check on the progression of his healing broken foot.

All our sodiers serving to keep us the in the land of the free and the home of the brave.

All parents who are dealing with teens and their trials.

Those who are dealing with triple digit temps this weekend.

Thank you.

Have a peaceful and fun filled weekend.


Steph said...


I tried to sneak that MBA awarding past everyone, but you were the only one who caught it so far.

We really do keep the doctors and the hospital around here in business. Thank goodness we have a nurse in the house. I have a story that I should share at one point about my need for the family nurse, but I haven't done that yet. It might be my next post though.


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Please tell me Michael got paid?


Debbie said...

God Bless you Ness for thinking of others. As you do that we will think and pray for you!!!

God Bless~

Alice said...

Thank you, Ness. I didn't have a chance to check blogs this weekend, but I so appreciate your prayers for Pop. He came home Friday (after spending the night in the hospital.) Our time with him is limited, but our love is not. We continue to appreciate the thoughts and prayers of our friends.