11 August 2008

What A Way To Start A Week!

Steph from My Daily Life surprised the daylights out of me with this beautiful blog award.
I am so humbled.
If you don't know Steph, mosey on over to her blog. She is the creative genius behind my blog header above.
I'm hoping to get to meet her on the Wildwind Georgia tour we hope to make in September.
The weekend was perfect. I so enjoyed having Michael up here. He made his first ever New York Style cheesecake using the springform pan and all and it was a beauty! Mom wasn't feeling well yesterday so he decided he was going to spend Sunday night with us and leave early this morning for PT/work. I just saw him off about an hour ago. I am so blessed to have a son like him. He is my Alpha and Omega.
Have a great Monday. It is cooler here this morning and I can almost imagine Fall!


kimmy said...

Glad you had a great weekend with your son. You are truly blessed.


Michelle said...

Is he spoken for? Every girl needs a man who can make cheesecake.

Alice said...

Glad you had a great weekend, Ness! We're busy preparing Georgia for your whirlwind tour!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dlyn said...

A cheesecake making son is something to be treasured for sure Ness! Hope you are feeling better.

Steph said...


I can't wait to meet you and Roger on your Whirlwind tour through Georgia. Have Garmin (actually Mom & Dad both have one & since they can only use one at a time right now I just borrow the other), will travel is my motto.


Tracy said...

So happy your time with Micheal was special..and Cheesecake-who could ask for more!

Tonjia said...

A man who can make cheesecake??? I am duly impressed! LOL

glad to hear you had such a good visit with Michael, thats what life is all about..

hey have fun on the trip to Georgia, who else are you going to meet?

Debbie said...

Cheesecake is my favorite!! Oh I'd love a slice of that! I am glad that you enjoyed your weekend with your son. I will see mine at Thanksgiving. Can't wait!!

I am so enjoying this cooler weather. Have my windows open and it feels so good. I am not ready for fall but sure am enjoying this break.

God Bless~

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i am so looking forward to the Ga trip... told mike about it he said BYE see ya when you get back So I am In like flynn and also told him I will spend the night in Atlanta so let me know details when you get them... Ha like you wouldnot LOL... so I can too!
I have a silly question...I was so excited that when I responded in the email did ionly put my street address with out the city and zip??? my brain says I forgot that tid bit LOL

Love the award I could not agree more with stephanie!
HUgs Laura