13 August 2008

Wordful Wednesday

No act of kindness,
however small,
is ever wasted.
The Gift
The gift of encouragement
Should be given each day---
Pass it out freely
And in gentle ways.
There's no need for ribbons
To make it look grand---
Just the simple encouragement
Of a kind, helping hand.
~Joan Stephen
Give Me A Kind Heart
Give me a kind heart that will endure,
One that's strong and secure
To help someone along the way,
May this be my goal every day.
Let me lend a helping hand
To someone whose life has not gone as planned,
Reaching out to one in need.
May this be my daily good deed,
To provide a guiding light
For someone lost in the dark of night.
Let me take time to care
For someone experiencing despair.
Whatever I do, everywhere I go,
Your Will, Dear Lord, let me know.
~Eve Kiley
Let Me Be A Light
Let me be a light, O God,
That shines for all to see;
If someone needs to find the way,
An example may I be.
Of love and kindness and brotherhood,
Of all that's gentle, of all that's good.
~Theresa Mary Grass
It is the history of our kindnesses
that alone makes the world tolerable.
If it were not for that, for the effect of
kind words, kind looks, kind letters...
I should be inclined to think our life
a practical jest in the worst possible spirit.
~Robert Louis Stevenson


kim-d said...

Ness, I miss you so much and I will be back this weekend to comment for real, but I just had to stop by quick and say hi. And THANK YOU so much for your words and prayers for my YU. Also want to let you know that I've still got Michael in my prayers, too. Talk to you for real later, pal!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i so totally agree with todays post. Hope you are gathering up some spoons :)
Love you

Alice said...

Beautiful post, again, Ness. I come here for my weekly inspiration. I didn't get a chance to read your previous entries til this morning. Just know Michael continues to be in our prayers. And mom, too! We love you, Ness, and we are going to pray without ceasing that this is resolved.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Your comment about finding a 3rd sheep made me laugh out loud!!

But you're hallucinating!


Debbie said...

Beautiful Ness, just beautiful. I pray for those things daily.
Thanks for sharing!!

God Bless~

Tonjia said...

I love your wordful Wednesday Ness. Thank you for todays post.

I hope Michael finds lots of paychecks in his pocket tomorrow!