03 October 2008

Friday Wrap

Roger does have a bone chip in his ankle, but it is an old chip and has nothing to do with the swelling of his leg.

The podiatrist said he had a bad case of gout and gave him an injection right into the ankle joint. Tonight he says the ankle feels great!

We took Kiereney back home today, Michael took us out to lunch before he had to do a 3 day training session with the present ROTC cadets and we went to the cemetary to see my parents. Most people think cemetaries are morbid, but I think they are beautiful with the flowers and I feel so peaceful there. It was like a family reunion with my parents, aunt, uncles and grandparents for me. My daughters aren't to that point yet but enjoyed hearing stories about my family and did get to visit with their great grandmother who Kelli remembers and Kiereney never met.

We got home about 6 to two righteous dachshunds who *didn't* get breakfast today(like we had to be at the Dr. at 8 and Mr. Campbell is used to sleeping in like a retired person so it was a bit of a push and shove to get out the door) and we are so happy to just be the two of us(OK the four of us with the dachsies).

I am so worn out. Not only do I not have any spoons but no spoon holder to boot. Yet tomorrow I'm determined to catch up with the Fall cleaning that got put on hold in September. My beautiful Fall weather is leaving town this week and we're back to the 80's. I tried to trade Hallie my weather for her 51 degrees she's having.

In addition to getting to catch up with Hallie on the way home(cell phones are a wonderful thing) I got the most beautiful card from Debbie in Ohio today(Mama Bear). I am looking at it sitting on my computer desk. She is such a sweet person and to think of me with all she's had on her plate lately really touched my heart that she had the thought, time and energy to send ME a card. Friends are simply the best!

Thank you for all the good thoughts and prayers for Roger. I think if he had ended up in the hospital, I was just gonna sit right down and cry. I need some downtime.

Catching up with blogs tonight and enjoying the "good all overs" realizing that my baby girl is headache-free, my husband is not in the hospital, and all is gonna be OK in my word when payday comes in two weeks.

Please.take.time for yourself this weekend. We all need to recharge.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

all good news and now hunt that hiding spoon rack and filler up :)
Love n hugs Laura

kim-d said...

I don't exactly know what it is about your words, Ness...but they calm me down. I just love your attitude, I love the way you look at things and I love how you share it with us. It's just like you said; friends are the best. I do not have a clue what I would do without you, Hallie, Kimmy, Peachy Keen, and well, just everyone in my blogosphere. There truly is nothing quite like it; it's like God gave us this gift right when we needed it the most!

I hope you and Rog get to have a nice, relaxing, recharging type of weekend. I am so, so glad the ankle feels better, even though I know that injection had to hurt like the dickens! It also makes me so happy everytime I read that your KJ is doing so good after such a long haul with that horrid pain. And Michael...well, what can we say about Michael except "WHAT A GUY!"

Everything is just as it should be in Ness-and-Roger-World...YAY! :)

Tonjia said...

I am so happy to hear that your family is experiencing some good news Ness. You are all due..

Enjoy your weekend!

Tracy said...

So glad the news is all good and things are settling down.
I have been without internet for a day and it almost killed me :)so I am catching up today.