16 October 2008

The Road Revisited After 40 Years

I took Kiereney back home about 2 today and after stopping by Kathy's office to have a cup of coffee with her, I headed up the road. I got to a crossroad...Highway 127 straight ahead(which I had just used to take Kiereney home) or Rt. 13...a route we used to take from here to Grandma's that I had not been on in 40 years since my mom died.

I found myself turning onto Rt. 13 having no idea where I would end up or if the road had changed but felt like pushing the envelope, which is unusual for me, so I figured what the hell and went for it.

I spent an hour and a half rolling up and down very narrow 2 lane roads through farm land and small towns and remembering several buildings along the way from my childhood. One was a church whose parking lot we had to pull over in for some reason(the roads have no "sides" to pull off on because they are so narrow) and I remember thinking and voicing that we shouldn't have pulled off there because it wasn't Sunday and we would be considered as tresspassers(sad to say I was a worry wart as a child even).

I doubt if I take the interstate again when going down to Southern Illinois.

Funny how I was transported back in time to the 60's and found myself wondering if my best friend Carol who lived across the street from where I grew up was home and if she could come out and play when we got home from Grandma's.

Found myself wondering how our boxer dogs were while we were at Grandma's and wondering if I could have a piece of the spice cake with chocolate icing that Grandma always sent home with us.

To be carefree like that illnesses, no Depression Monsters, no financial problems.

It was a good 90 minutes.

And then I got back home to reality.

The trip down Kiereney and I sang to the Mama Mia CD and then Elton John. She has a beautiful voice and she manages to escape reality by singing. Singing and dancing is a world that she has always felt comfortable with and she would be lost without it. I'm glad she has it to go to. She's taking her brother leaving for Ft. Sill really hard and I hope she has some good quality time with him next week.

Michael is coming up Friday morning after the Army/Air Force run for the weekend and I plan on laughing and talking with my son enough to last for a lifetime because the time is growing short and, quite frankly, I know as his training goes on, we will lose the Michael we know and love for the Michael who has to take care of our country's business. I am proud of what he stands for and the man he has become.

Have a great Fall weekend!


Debbie said...

I have done some of that revisited myself Ness, but only in my mind. Remembering my Nanny & BigDaddy and the love they gave me. I remember the 3 room house I lived in with them, when I was taken away from my folks. I went back later when I got older and that house was a little shack, but it felt like a safe mansion to me, back then. It didn't even have a bathroom, we used a outhouse and bathed in the kitchen in a big tin wash bucket. Oh those where the carefree, safe and wonderful few years of my life.
Things are tough for alot of us right now Ness, but we have each other to lean on, to support and to give our love and strength too. I give you all I can muster.
I am glad that you had those 90 mins of peace. Doesn't it feel good? Prayers are being said for you and Kiereney, Michael, Kelli and Roger.

God Bless~

jojo said...

Oh, sweet, sweet memories...where would we be without them? I'm so glad you got a little break from real life for just a few minutes. I'm so glad KJ can escape into her singing for just a little while...I pray for her. I am so glad you will spend time with your son...all time spent with our children is special. I am so proud of your son and his willingness to do a job most of us would never volunteer for. God Bless you and your family Ness and have a lovely weekend ;)

kimmy said...

Have great weekend deserve it!


Alice said...

What a lovely trip, Ness. It is one we should all take more often. Hope KJ is feeling better. And warm thoughts as you share this precious, precious time with your son.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

i do revisiting like that when I am in the mid west... some memories are fantastic some not so but all worthy!
Love n hugs laura

Debra W said...

That is lovely, Ness, just lovely. I'm glad that you took the road less traveled and ended up revisiting some wonderful memories.

Please tell Michael that I am very proud of him, too. And let both KJ and Kelli that I am holding them both very close in my prayers.


Tonjia said...

sometimes I wish that I could go back in time too...

Reddirt Woman said...

Don't you just love those trips back in time. And isn't it amazing how the pains of life just kind of drop off during those trips back. I know I'd like to go on a few more of those trips.

Come on over for a give-away Ness. I'm celebrating my 50th post and figured that was excuse enough for a give-away. It goes until tomorrow noon (CST) and involves a little bling so stop by and leave a comment.

Thanks for the walk down memory lane.