29 October 2008

Wednesday Kiereney Jo Update

Just got back from taking her home.

It's been a really long day.

Took her to the eye specialist at 9 this morning. He dilated her eyes and said the optic nerves in both eyes are swollen, the pressure is very high and the blood supply going to them is very reduced. He then did a visual field test and she has complete loss of peripheral vision in both eyes.

The specialist faxed the report to her neurosurgeon and she goes into the hospital a week from tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. We get her admitted but before she goes to her room, she goes to Interventional Radiology and gets another spinal tap and measurement of her spinal fluid plus they add the radioactive isotope to the dye and put that in her spine. She will have scans done every few hours for the next 72 hours to follow the dye through her shunt and spinal canal and head and that will give us a lot of info, like if the shunt blocked anywhere and if not, what is causing the pressure to be so high and causing the nonstop headache and loss of peripheral vision. He upped her Percocet to 10/325 from 7.5/325 and the pain level is down to a 2 but she is out of her gourd. Last night she watched Dancing With the Stars results, got on the computer and came back out after a while and asked if a certain couple had danced yet! (They dance on Mondays). The specialist told her because of the high pressure and pseudotumor cerebri that her eyes being dilated for the next 6-8 hours *might* make her nauseated. He got that right. She was so nauseated when we left the office I thought about postponing the trip home. She wanted to spend time with her brother and he was going to take them out to eat tonight at their favorite restaurant. She couldn't see anything and slept all the way home.

I left her with her sister and started home and decided I needed an uplift and drove the route home I traveled as a child from here to Grandma's. This time I got it right and hit every little small town along the way and would see landmarks that I recognized. You would have thought I won the lottery. When I saw the tavern that we used to stop at to get sandwiches and drinks(Pepsi for me, root beer for Dad and a Falstaff beer for Mom) I pulled into the lot and just looked at it. It is still in business after 45 years and I was ready to go in and toast Mom with a beer but thought better of it since I was by myself and I won't have a drink and drive. But next time someone is with me, I'm stopping and toasting Mom.

I can't remember the last time I had any spoons and have been going on pure Jesus Juice(prayer). I think I am going to reintroduce myself to the recliner tonight and just be.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

hugs and more jesus juice:) I do believe I will have to use that and use it often as it is perfect!

Alice said...

I love the jesus juice. Sending lots of it your way. Hang tough and get some rest and know that we are all praying, praying praying for you!