22 November 2008

Saturday Wrap

On a bright note, I heard from Katie and Lenny today and Lenny sent me a picture! I miss those two so much!

Please keep my childrens' 89 year old grandfather in your prayers. He fell at home on Friday and broke his hip. They did surgery late Friday night and today he is very confused, doesn't know anyone and is highly agitated. Kelli went up to the hospital and left in tears because Grandpa didn't know her. Also the nursing staff needs prayers as they put him up in a chair today without being poseyed(fastened in the chair with a chest restraint as to not to get out or fall out) and no one in the room and he fell out of the chair onto his head and Kelli said he has a bruise the size of a baseball on his temple. Simply inexcusable. Kelli went and questioned the charge nurse and she said she just put him in the chair and went to get his Morphine and when she came back he was in the floor. He has never been in a hospital before and last night he kept wanting to get up out of bed. Wouldn't you think since he is still under the effects of anesthesia and Morphine that they wouldn't have left him unattended knowing how he wanted to get out of bed last night? What happened to gerry chairs with the trays on the front of them that I put elderly patients in when I took care of patients at the hospital? Kiereney is wanting to go down to the hospital but I don't think she can take it either physically or emotionally. She is Grandpa's girl. And it doesn't help that less than 24 hours out of surgery Grandma(2nd wife) is already wanting to stow him in a nursing home. We have crap for nursing homes in Southern Illinois. My dad was in two of them and I did my nurses training at several of them. The kids' father and his brother and sister will have a fight on their hands against Grandma. They have a rehab center in the hospital he is in but no, Grandma just wants to put him in a nursing home and be done with it.

I got about a third of the quilt totally done, but I had to put it away because I knew I couldn't get it done before Thanksgiving and I have an apartment full going to be here so the end of the dining room table doesn't need my sewing machine and quilt taking up space. At least I have it down to a science now and after T Day I can get it whipped out.

My baby girl turns 22 on Monday. With finances being tight, we aren't going to be able to celebrate it like we usually do. If you want to send birthday greetings, her email address is

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

ahhh a lenny pic I was thinking about lenny and Katie...I miss them too :) its good to see a picture of the lennmister :)

So sad to hear about your kids grandfather I know I have a hard time with putting folks I love into a nursinghome but have learned with mom that sometimes it is the safest and best thing and NONE of them anywhere are ideal (of course you know I have spent 12 years working in them off and on) sigh HUGS and prayers.
and Happy 22nd ... now it all makes sense NEss Martha and KJ are the same sign LOL

Tonjia said...

that doxie is SO cute!! I am sorry to hear about the grandpas fall. It is irresponsible nursing to leave a medicated patient who wanted to climb out of bed, unrestrained or unattended...

they should have a Geri chair, you might ask for one, they may need to bring it up from somewhere but they are still available. I think the chairs are safer than posey vests (which have become illegal I think. they are no longer available to us due to JCAHO rules)

Mary Ellen said...

You'd think with the aging of the population of this country that something would be done about providing decent facilities for older folks.

Both of my parents spent time in nursing homes, and some of them leave a lot to be desired.