02 November 2008

There Goes My Life

This picture is 19 hours old.

Notice the multi blue colored bar on the right side(his left).

That is new. He was awarded that on Friday. It was a total surprise.

I will tell you about that on Monday's post. Right now my eyes are nearly swollen shut from crying since his Dodge Neon turned out of my site at 11:01 last night.

I do know he was a mile from his turn off when I talked to him at 11:15 this morning.

He had to report at 1200.

Even though the words do not exactly apply, the Kenny Chesney song "There Goes My Life" have been playing over and over and over in my head since 11:01 last night.

I know I don't suffer alone as he has two sisters who are missing him terrifically.

This is what he posted to his Facebook account last night.

Hey everyone,
I'm headed off to Ft Sill for the next few months to complete my officer training. I'll try to call when I can but my time may be constrained. Also, facebook/IM won't be an option since my computer access will be limited. I hope everyone has a good holiday season and I'll be back home soon. If you want to write just to say hi, I would appreciate it as a letter is the best thing a soldier can get. I'll leave the address at the bottom. Everyone keep pushing forward and I'll see you soon. Until then...

Michael's Address:

2LT Michael Dwyer
C/1-22 FA (BOLC II)
1st Platoon
Class 02-09
PO Box 825
Fort Sill, OK 73503

He had me at hello almost 23.5 years ago and he's got me at good bye.


Anonymous said...

I have two sons and haven't had either of them in the military. One is Down syndrome so that won't happen and the other is 28. But I know how I would feel if one of them left to go so far away. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Hang tough and be proud, he looks like a fine young man!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

hugs and tons of jesus juice :) Love you heaps!

Alice said...

You are not crying alone, today, Ness. Sending you lots of prayers and love. Thank you for sharing Michael's address. We expect you to keep us posted on his training.

Thank you for raising such a fine, fine man. Our country is a better place because of people like him.

Debbie said...

Thinking of you Ness. It's hard, I know. We have to remember that our children are just on loan to us from God, and God will take care of them. That doesn't make us miss them any less although. You raised a fine young man and he is doing what he feels is best for himself and his country and we are all proud of him with you.
Thanks for the message on my phone. I am having a hard time dealing with everything right now, but I so appreciate your love and concern.

God Bless~

Tonjia said...

just look at that sweet face. I am crying with you Ness. No one knows what its like until they send their child off to the military or off to a base assignment.

I am sending you huge hugs and military mom good vibes....