06 November 2008

Thursday Update

Kiereney is in the hospital as of yesterday. I left here at 5 a.m., drove to get her and we were at the hospital by 9:30. Her procedure was to be at 10:30 but her neurosurgeon was tied up in a surgery across town and forgot to write orders for Kiereney's meds so it was not a good afternoon. He finally got there and went in to do the spinal tap to check the pressure and then inject the radioactive dye. It took 4 taps to find spinal fluid to inject the dye into. Very painful. Then she immediately went to be scanned in Nuclear Medicine and after an hour of scanning went back to her room for an hour and then back for another hour of scanning to trace the dye through her spinal canal, around her brain and through her shunt. I came home about 9 last night and Roger is going to sit with her this morning while I work and then we will switch off.

Please direct your prayers that this test finds the reason why her headaches are back and her peripheral vision is gone.

And thanks, Santa's Elves. It was a wonderful surprise to come home to last night. God bless you.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

hugs and prayers... and ladles too!
love you heaps!

Alice said...

Many prayers being said for you today.

Debra W said...


I am sending lots of prayers out for KJ today. I don't even know what to say anymore. I feel so terrible for her and for you. I pray that the tests will show something conclusive that can be remedied.


Alice said...

Ness, just checking in this morning to see if status has changed. Continued prayers.

kimmy said...

Hope they can figure it out for KJ. Thinking of you...