10 November 2008

Time To Switch Children

and catch you up with Michael.
The pictures aren't the best but here is his medal he was awarded from the Army before he left and the citation. Kinda proud of that guy!

He is well and taking an Honors Course in Life 101 by having to deal with things(renting an apartment for in a couple of weeks for January-April because the Army does not allow him to live on post for officer training, which goes again all info he was given prior to arriving at Ft. Sill) much earlier than he expected. His target date for apartment living was June when he returns to Richmond to be a part of the 116th.

They started 4 days off on Friday and one of his fellow officers got a pass TO DRIVE TO ST. LOUIS for the days off! Michael is now filing a form to request a pass to drive here for Thanksgiving. He figures if one can do it, all should be able to. We will see how that turns out...

Keeping my blog family in my prayers for their various needs which God knows of each one and hoping we all have a better week!


Michelle said...

Congratulations Michael!!! I remember when I got my first AAM. It was back in 1981 and they had jsut established the award and I was one of the first to receive it. What a feeling. From what I hear about him he can look forward to receiving many more of these in his military career.

I have positive vibes that he will get to come home for Thanksgiving.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I hope Michael gets his pass to come home... I agree if one can all should be able to go farther than 8 hours.
Hugs and prayers
Love Laura

Steph said...


Praying and hoping that Michael can get permission to drive home for Thanksgiving. I know that would make your holiday even more special. Keeping him in prayer as he goes though his training, as well as KJ and her medical issues.


Steph said...

P. S. You and Michael are mentioned in my blog tonight.


Debbie said...

Hoping and praying that Michael gets to come home for Thanksgiving. It's hard. I will have 2 of my children and their families here for Thanksgiving. My oldest daughter and her family can't come due to work :o(
God Bless~

Tracy said...

You have every right to be one proud momma! Congrats to Michael on his accomplishment! Happy Veteran's Day to him too!
Sounds like you might get your Thanksgiving wish after all-praying all will fall inot place for that to happen-Army rules can be bent one just needs to find the right connections and timing!

kim-d said...

GOOD JOB, MICHAEL!!! And, on this Veteran's Day, thank you so, so much for your service and for keeping me safe. You're always in my prayers!

And Ness...HOW are you doing, girl? Hangin' in there? I've had you in my thoughts and prayers, but I know how strong you are and that you always find a way to keep on keepin' on...

Tonjia said...

WAHOO!!! HUGE congratulations to Michael! I am so proud of him too.