17 December 2008

Hold On To The Memories

August, 2003 Richmond, VA
Birthday party for the 4 dachsies
Shania, Macon, Katie and Brandy.

Katie says, "I do NOT like the hat and no you will not get a closeup of my face. I have a rep to protect!"

Mom, Michael, Kiereney and Kelli with Macon.

Mom with her dachsies.
Katie says, "Grandma, give me the cake. Shania and Macon are walking away. Brandy and I will eat it.!"


Tonjia said...

awwww Doxies and birthdays, it doesnt get much better than that!!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

how cute I love the 1st photo... heck love em all, and I will gladly hug that busy blogger when I catch up to her... shes hard to grab on the phone LOL have three numbers for her and got three voice mails LOL.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Laura's right...that first pic is the best. That sums up all that IS a wiener dog.


Tracy said...

Happiest birthday's to all the pups! Love that they are trying to get to that cake and the party hats!

Debbie said...

Such a cute blog! I love it! That 1st pic is a hoot!! Thanks for sharing them Ness! I love it!

God Bless~

Alice said...

This does not surprise me one bit. This is TOTALLY Ness - throwing a party for the puppies!! :) How sweet!