23 January 2009

Friday Wrap

Just wanted to wrap up a couple of things.

Grandpa is still with us and after the family meeting on Wednesday, he will be staying where he is at for the next 21 days, after which Medicare quits paying for where he is staying and other arrangements will have to be made. The option for him to go home is off the table, mainly because Grandma can't handle him during the times where Home Health would not be available. I could handle Grandpa. A newborn baby could handle Grandpa. Read between the lines. Sigh.

Michael is now taking a pre-Ranger school course for 2 hours every morning and if he passes, they will recommend him for Ranger School. I don't know all of the ramifications of what that would involve so will find out on a need-to-know basis. He is learning a lot with this BOLC III course and it helps being able to live off post.

I hope all of you have a great weekend.


Tracy said...

Just checkin in on ya-
Have a good weekend!

Michelle said...

I can read between the lines. Remember though, there comes a times when we become the parents and have to help them make their decisions. And it will happen to us one day (LOL).

Congratulations to Michael. Going to Ranger School will be a big deal. It is 2 months long (at least). Here is a link to the web site if you want to read up on it.

Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Nothing is easy huh?

Way to go Michael!!


Debra W said...

Ness, try to stay focused on the fact that grandpa will be well taken care of for the next 21 days. Yes, there will be decisions that will have to be made, but for now, take a deep breath.

Congrats to Michael! So glad to hear that he is doing so well!


Debbie said...

I am glad that grandpa has the next 21 days covered. Whatever decision gets made, I hope it's a good one, that grandpa is happy with too.

Wonderful about Michael. I know that you are proud of him!! You raised a loyal and noble son, Ness.

Have a restful and peaceful, and as pain free weekend as you can!!

God Bless~

Tracy said...

hey Ness-
Thanks for the advice for Carley-I accidently deleted it can you try again.

jojo said...

Well that was short and sweet...hope there is nothing lurking. Have a good weekend Ness....

kimmy said...

Hope you are well Ness. Just stopping over to say hi and that I am thinking of you and your wonderful family.


Tonjia said...

Sounds like lots of things are happening in your world. Yay for Michael! I wish him good luck.