26 January 2009

Heavens to Katie!

This isn't a picture of Katie, but it could be her twin!
Notice the expression.
Debbie asked how Katie was doing and the picture above pretty well answers the question. She is now spouting a little belly and has an attitude as big as all outdoors!
Roger made homemade pizza the other night. When Katie smelled it, she woke up from a sound sleep and started smacking.her.lips! So I gave her a piece of the crust...just crust. No pizza goodies on it. She sniffed and started howling and howling AND HOWLING! We checked to see if she needed to heed Nature's call, needed a drink, needed to pace.
Nothing doing.
Roger finally put some pizza sauce on the tip of his finger and offered it to her and she.went.bananas. The little snot did not want dry pizza crust because she could smell the Italian pizza sauce and SHE WANTED HER SAUCE! So Roger had to put a teaspoon of sauce in her bowl, she licked it up and then I rocked her back to sleep.
The next day we were running low on the special dog food the dachsies eat and with Katie eating so often, we decided to switch her to generic Cheerios for her snacks between meals. Roger fixed her a small bit with watered down milk and heated it up in the microwave. She woofed it down.
For the next snack, I said I didn't think she needed the milk so just to make it with water and heat it up. She looked at the bowl, she looked at me and she started to HOWL! I tried to feed her by hand and she locked her jaws. Roger took the bowl, added a minute amount of milk, reheated it and she woofed it down.
Her eyes are sparkling and she's filling out. She takes that big nose of her and sticks it in my face when she wants something...just like the dog at the top of the page. I sing her to sleep and if I don't sing a song with words and just do la la la, she looks up, sticks her nose in my face as if to say, "No la la la...I want words."
This is her favorite song:
So I would say that the Doggie Alzheimers is still with her, but she is doing better with everything else and the best medicine I could get at this time.
Now, I need you to do a chant for me.
We're supposed to get between 3 and 5 inches this afternoon/tonight and I am so excited. I haven't played in the snow with Kelli in forever!
Also please think good thoughts and prayers for Kelli as it looks like one of her temp agencies is finally figuring out she'd be an asset to their company and she's to call back at 2 to see if they have an assignment for her.
Be good to yourself today and I want to hear what you did for you!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad to hear she's doing pretty good. Love the Cheerios idea.

But can not believe you want snow. You have issues.

H :)

Debbie said...

Oh, I am so glad Katie is doing better. Your blog gave me such a good feeling today. Thanks. I know she's better because of all the love she feels from y'all. Love heals Ness, even for dogs.

I will chant SNOW for you, but we are due 6 plus more inches here. UGH!! I hope that you get yours and we don't get ours..LOL.

Keeping my fingers crossed for Kelli. Good things are coming for you Ness, I feel it!!

God Bless~

PS. Tell Roger, I want homemade pizza!!!!!

Tracy said...

Katie sure knows how to get what she wants :) So glad she is doing ok-what a sweetie!
Im with Hallie..No SNOW for me!
I am off to the dr. ugly looking spot I need checked out on my upper chest-I have had skin cancer 3 times now-so need to be vigilant.
Hopefully it isn't and they can give me some magic cream to make it go away :)

Laura ~Peach~ said...

took the tree down...yeah the christmas tree... ack.

jojo said...

snow, snow, snow, go to the crazy ladies house....please

Alice said...

Glad Katie is doing well! Prayers for Kelli...keep us posted.

Tonjia said...

these doxies of ours are so smart, they train us perfectly dont they? LOLOL

Frankie MUST have goodies put on his kibble or he wont eat it, talk about spoiled!

Its great to hear that Katie is doing better and eating well. Enjoy that snow!

lin said...

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