03 January 2009

Some of My Best Friends Over the Years

I love books!
And although I can't draw a straight line with a ruler, I loved Etch-A-Sketch and Spirograph!
You didn't see any dolls or girly-girl stuff, did you?
I had two stuffed Lassie dogs(one big and one small) and the two of them saw me through everything. When girls in our neighborhood got together to play, they brought their Barbies or their baby dolls and I brought my Lassies, a blanket for them to lay on and a brush. When the boys in our neighborhood got together to play, I brought my football and red helmet.
Of my two daughters, only Kiereney liked dolls and had a life sized 6 month old doll that she took everywhere, even to Mass. One cold winter night as we were leaving Mass, I was pulled to one side and asked WHY I didn't have a snowsuit on my baby and only had her in a frilly dress and a blanket, referring to Kiereney's doll and thinking it was a real baby.
So, what toys/books got you through life?


Tracy said...

Love the story of KJ's doll-I watched 20/20 last night and there was story about "reborns"-look just like real babies and women are buying them and treating them just like real babies??
I always loved books to: ever heard of the Trixie Beldon(I think that was the name)series.
toys-I was really into Barbies-my sister and I would play for hours using shoe boxes as cars (even though we had a barbie car??)She was more into them than me..she had the townhouse, camper, etc..
Since I had the daughters and she had only son's I handed down many of the clothes and barbies that made it to my girls.
I guess I was the one bringing the barbies!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

you had the same toys as me and someof the same books I LOVE the bobsey twins... I also had a lite brite!!

Tonjia said...

I was NOT a girlie girl. My friends played with Barbies, and I played with my Johnny west and Jane West Dolls and their horses. I had some barbies too, but they werent my favorites.

As for books...Nancy Drew, The Bobbsy Twins, ALL of Dr Seuss. My favorite was "Are you my mother?".

Etch a sketch was one of my all time favorites, along with my hula hoop, and little cowboys and indians. I also had a great football and lots of stick horses.

And who remembers those glass balls on a string called "clackers?" I was a clacking pro. LOLOL

Debra W said...

Hi Dear Friend,

I was just catching up on my favorite blogs and of course, yours is at the top of that list. You have a lot going on, as always, so I hope that you are feeling okay after the holidays.

Growing up, I loved playing with doll houses and creating sweet, little homes for my dolls. I was a doll lover, but I also really loved stuffed animals. Anything cute and cuddly!

I'm sorry that you will have to go so long before seeing Michael again! I just know how hard that is going to be for you. It's so hard to let them go, isn't it? Somehow, I don't think it ever gets easier. We just resign ourselves to the fact that we must let go, even if it's just a good act on our part;)


jojo said...

One of my favorite things growing up was the Sears catalog! I was fascinated with all the pages of lovely clothes and toys. I used to pretend I could have one thing off each page ;) I read all kinds of mystery books and the Dr. Seuss. We played alot of 'Jacks' and many board games but I don't rmember an etch-a-sketch. An of course there was the magnificent Barbie who messed up my self esteem forever!!! Ha...thanks for the sweet walk down memory lane Ness ;)

kim-d said...

My very favorite thing was my very own little elementary school desk with the flip-up lid where I kept all of my stories and writing utensils--paper and pens. I was a prolific "writer" back then and all of my stories revolved around families with a Mom and a Dad, and usually no less than 10 kids. Being an "only" I always wanted a bunch of siblings. I'm still obsessed with paper and pens; I have so many of both I'll never use them all up, and will undoubtedly still add to the collection. I'm always on the lookout for a pen that strikes my fancy :).

Books? I loved Henry Higgins and Ramona Quimby the most of all. I devoured anything and everything that Beverly Cleary wrote. I also read The Bobbsey Twins some, and my Uncle's college literature book. I think I was 8 or 9 when I read "Oedipus" and really liked it. I also read the "True Story" magazines my Grandma drug home from the beauty shop every chance I got--until the same uncle with the college lit book busted me and told Grandma on me. No more "True Story" magazines for me. Darn, cause they were interesting ;)!

My bike, my ice skates and my flying saucer. We played outside ALL THE TIME. Skating, sliding and I rode my bike ALL OVER THE PLACE...that continued even after I got my driver's license. In fact, it continued until I got a little too chubby after I got married. Back in those days, we played outside and we rode bikes all over the place, and we could because there wasn't as much to be scared of as there is now. My friends were Marilyn, Peggy, Mary, Connie, several different Debbies, Delores, Susan, Wendy, Claudia, Teresa, Linda, Mary Beth, Diane, Nancy and Terry. And also a bunch of boys. A huge bunch of boys. When I was a little younger, I just loved playing with them and being able to do what they did. By the time 5th/6th grade rolled around, I was starting to just love them, period--a trend that continues even today, as I am still fascinated by and love boys! BWAHAHAHA!

Inside, it was the TV. Leave It To Beaver, Father Knows Best, American Bandstand, Mickey Mouse Club, Bart's Clubhouse (a local TV show), The Rifleman, Ben Casey, Dr. Kildare, Gidget, Bewitched, The Flying Nun, Petticoat Junction, McHale's Navy, Gomer Pyle USMC, etc., on and on.

All in all, it was a great time to be a kid. I cannot even imagine being a kid now and not being able to be out of your parents' sight for fear something terrible will happen.

My gosh, Ness...sorry I got a little carried away here and took over your comment page. Good memories!!!