19 January 2009

To Ice Or Not To Ice~But That Is NOT The Question

Are you an ice person?

Must your glass be filled to the rim with ice cubes before you add your drink of choice?
Let me make your answer do you obtain your ice?

A refrigerator with an icemaker?

Purchase ice?

Make your own?

I have never been an ice long as the drink was cold then you can keep the ice. I've always looked as ice as a dilutor to my drink...if I wanted water and Coke, I would have put the water in my glass and then added the Coke.
When I grew up in the 60's my drink of choice was Kool Aid. We had all our parents trained to keep a pitcher of Kool aid in the refrigerator and no ice would be harmed when we needed our Kool aid.
Amazing that all of my friends were no ice kids...but then, remember what we had to go through in the 60's for ice....there were no plastic twisty ice cube trays...we had metal ones with an insert with a handle. You pulled up on the handle and it was supposed to be ~voila~ ice. Depending on how it was filled the last time...the proper way to fill a metal ice cube tray is to have the water level exactly even with the insert...DO NOT put water OVER the insert or else ice would form and when you pulled the handle to get the ice out, you would have to fight with the top layer of ice and 9 times out of 10 the ice tray would be taken to the sink and water run over it so the insert could be removed and you fished the ice out of the water.
I learned quickly that as long as my Kool aid was cold, no need to go through the ice nonsence.
My kids are the same way although I've seen them drink non refrigerated soda without ice. Even I draw the line at hot soda. And of course, it wouldn't be called iced tea without the ice so the kids and I definitely use ice then.
And then there is Roger...
My dream is to someday have a refrigerator with an ice maker so my husband will have ice any time he wants it. He also grew weary of the plastic twisty ice cube trays so he has a collection of plastic bottles that he fills half full with water and freezes. He is a water drinker to the max. When he wants water, he grabs one of his ice bottles from the freezer, fills the rest of the bottle with water from the Britta(we are NOT tap water peeps) and he's set.
So what do we do when our ice loving friends come to call?
That's why God gave man the brains to sell ice in bags!
So do you or don't you do ice?


Laura ~Peach~ said...

I am SOOOOOOOOO very thrille dwith the new Ice maker fridge... ice and cold water always handy.... i also have a koolaid jug that is kept in the fridge and we will drink our sodas cold on ice or hot does not matter when we want one...
Iced tea is made super strong so when poured over the ice it melts the ice to just the perfect tea.... I love crushed ice cause i am an ice father was an ice chomper (the bio one) kids are ice chompers too when the bad teeth allow.
Cute post... I also have the twist trays and recall the old metal trays too!

Debbie said...

I have to have ice! I hate to drink Pop without ice. Ask my kids, "Mom needs ice and Diet Dr. Pepper and nothing more.". LOL. Of course it would be great to have ice everytime I wanted it, without making it myself, by I have never had that luxury. It's good ole plastic ice trays for me. I have 7 of them and I crack them and refill them daily. David is also a ice person.

My dream would be to have filtered ice and water in the nice refrigerator but nope, not yet. Just a old hard working refrigerator here. It came with the house and the house was built in 1960, so I imagine this one is about 20 yrs old.

Great post Ness, I enjoyed it..

God Bless~

kim-d said...

Oh, baby, ice. And a glass that is actually made of glass to drink out of!

Oh, those stupid metal ice cube trays. Those things were dangerous!

Alice said...

We have an icemaker in our refrigerator at our new place. I love ice - but we live in the, you know....we need it. However, if a coke is in the fridge and cold - I will drink it straight from a can. I'm like you - don't like watered down coke. :) Ervin does the SAME THING as Roger!!! Except he does it for work (since he works construction). He freezes a bottle (or two or three in the summer) and takes it to work with him. By lunch it has melted enough to drink. And the bonus?? It keeps his sandwiches from spoiling, too.