14 January 2009

Wordful Wednesday

I believe in the sun
even when it isn't shining.
I believe in love
even when I am alone.
I believe in God
even when He is silent

To Believe
Sunday, March 03, 2002
I believe the way to live your life is to create a world of love around you,
to allow the people you meet to feel that love and to allow that love to create vessels of contacts that will attune each soul to the vibration of God.
I believe that to allow the world to decay into the materialistic Society that it is today has been the greatest loss to humanity.
I believe that to become the true self you must allow your soul to become the leader in the search for love.
I believe that in order to allow this world to change, love must become the word of life.
I believe that to become love you must first become pure and full of the power of God's being.
I believe that to win the world over you must allow your inner love to shine forth into the world around you.
I believe that this world will discover love before it is too late.
I believe that you are the power of the future, you are the creative force, you are the sole survivor of a world of decay, you are the love of the universe.
I believe this to be true .
Therefore, I will make a new life for myself.
I will do this by allowing the Spirit of God to descend upon my world.
I will allow Him to then take my life and to do with it as He pleases.
I will not fight the result I will only live my life to become the most possible.
I will become this New World.
In short, I will do my best to create my world of love, to provide my world with a sanctuary of love and to allow this love to be given to all I meet.
Doing this, will allow me to live my life in peace.
Believe that you're special,through the hurt and the pain,for sunshine will come,after the rain.
Hold on to your dreams, let them not die and live not in torment by questioning why?
The answers are somewhere and sometimes unkind, with so many reasons you will never find.
Be true to yourself,don't be what you're not,for often you'll find, you're all that you've got.
Don't become battered by games people play and don't take to heart what others may say.
You've got so much life and so much to give,go out and enjoy it,go out there and live!
Though heartaches are many and tears they will flow,the more that you live the more you will grow.
There are many that love you,don't ever forget,let the past be a lesson,you do not regret.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

love n hugs Laura

Debbie said...

Believe..always Believe!!!


God Bless~

Tonjia said...

as always... incredible post! I believe.

kimmy said...

Hope you are well Ness.