05 February 2009

What Do All of These Have in Common?

They are the sum of my Thursday.
Kelli is working yesterday, today and tomorrow at Motomart in their company office.
Both Kelli and Kiereney are sick and taking Day Quil.
Roger is making sugar cookies today.
We are having hamburgers for supper.
And watching my 2nd episode of The Office tonight. Sunday night's almost did me in. I'm watching tonight to give it a fair shake before it joins my TV viewing schedule.
Michael stays busy learning all he can before graduation on 29 April.
Have a blessed day no matter what state you find yourself in.


Alice said...

I love the day-by-pictures. I may have to do that soon! Hope the girls feel better soon. Eat a sugar cookie for me today!

Debbie said...

What day couldn't be good with homemade cookies in it? LOL. Hope both girl's feel better soon and glad Kelly is working!!!

Enjoy your tv tonight. I am watching the Grey's Anatomy, The Practice thing tonight, Lord willing..

God Bless~