10 March 2009

And the thunder rolls

and the lightning strikes!(Lyrics courtesy of Garth Brooks)
Or maybe that's the dice rolls and Casa Campbell takes another hit!
KJ's dad found her in the floor at 3 a.m. Monday morning because she passed out from the headache pain.
After many phone calls back and forth, I told her dad to bring her to me and I would take her to the ER at the hospital where her neurosurgeon is based out of.
He got here about 3:30 and we walked out of ER at 11:00. We didn't get back to a room until nearly 7. Had I known it was a full moon last night, I would have done anything but gone to any ER as the full moon does something to ERs...
They put a hep lock in her and gave her 4 units of Dilaudid(pain) and 4 units of Zofran(nausea). They repeated the head CT and her ventricles are still as flat as pancakes. Her bp was waay elevated because of the pain.
I called the neurosurgeon's office the minute I got her in ER and his office said that they didn't know if he was on call that night. I told them that there WOULD be a neurosurgeon consult in that ER or else.
And there phone. We had a very nice ER doctor who read the 3 page second opinion neurosurgeon consult letter from St. Louis and pulled her previous films from the hospital where we were right then. They understood the problem. But they are only ER docs. She pled our case to the neurosurgeon on call(not ours, of course) and he said he would admit her for overnight observation but there was no guarantee that her neurosurgeon would make rounds before her observation period was over or we could take her home and call the neurosurgeon tomorrow/today and tell him that the on call neurosurgeon said she needed to be seen and fixed ASAP.
We went with B and brought her home. She slept for 12 hours and just now got up and said the pain is back to an 8(it was a zero when we left ER but if I had had that much Dilaudid mine would be a zero as well).
Sometime yesterday the neurosurgeon's office "supposedly" left a msg on one of our phones(none of ours) that the neurosurgeon was going to call the supply rep for the programmable shunt and see about one for Kiereney. Of course, this neurosurgeon has never heard of them in his 30 years of practice...
So the neurosurgeon will be getting a call from the patient who has gone through this hellacious pain day in and day out since October(2 weeks after the first surgery and before that it was April-Sept 15 when he did the first surgery wrong) and let him tell her that he can't get her into surgery.
As always, good thoughts and prayers are appreciated. I just thought I was at the end of my limits before. I cried with her in ER because no one should have to go through this kind of pain for as long as she has due to incompetent physicians.


Michelle said...

Ness, So sorry you have had the night from hell. Keeping you all in my thoughts.

Laura ~Peach~ said...

I am beginning to think that someone needs to sue... if only for medical care for her... this is INSANE... no one should be suffering like this... and they KNOW finally what is wrong and flubbed at the fixing of the problem... the need to do what it takes to fix it correctly ... and pay for it! they are going to make me cuss and I dont cuss often... hugsss

Debbie Jean said...

I am so sorry ness, that Kiereney is going thru this. I think like Laura, something needs to be done and NOW!!! I am not a sueing person, but come on!! This young lady needs her life back and without all that pain. Please know that you and Kiereney are in my daily prayers. I want this to end for y'all and life get back like it should be. You are such a good and caring Mom, and your kids are lucky, Ness.

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Alice said...

Praying, praying, know where I am if you need me. (It works both ways!!)