28 March 2009

Saturday Kiereney Jo Update

On Friday they removed the Foley, her pain pump, her IV(left the Hep lock in) and the leg inflaters to prevent blood clots. They started her on oral pain med Dilaudid 4 mg every 6 hours. She got out of bed and walked to the next room and got dizzy and sick so the neurosurgeon who happened to pop in about that time said going home was a no-go(which I didn't think she should go home anyway because of a multitude of reasons I'm too tired to list.)

I spent 16 hours at the hospital on Friday so Roger went up this morning to spend the day and give me a chance to rest/find more spoons.

I now hear that since she is throwing up still with everything that goes in her mouth(including meds) discharge today is a no-go, they've called in a med doctor to check her out, rehooked up the IV, doing sonogram/x-ray and labs. I'm all up with that because I certainly can't handle that at home seeing as that I'm fresh out of IV pumps, bags of fluids and meds to control the nausea.

Personally, I do not think her digestive system has awakened from the anesthesia and the pipe line is not functioning yet. Given she hasn't eat enough to write home about since surgery, the fact that she only got upright and took some steps yesterday and the number anesthesia does on a body, I'm not too concerned...yet. They are giving her Zofran suppositories and waiting for the med doc to descend and call the shots.

I saw her incisions yesterday when they finally changed the bandages and she is Steri-Stripped closed instead of staples and that concerns me but they all assure me that there is no WAY she can tear open these incisions.

We also had a bonus as apparently someone in OR has a sense of humor. When the tape was removed that was connecting the two incisions, behold a 2000 penny was impressed into her skin. (insert Twilight Zone music) Of course, to her mortification, I took pics but really, you can't tell it's her butt, just an impression on some skin surface...

Kelli ran down to home this morning to pick up my other two granddogs since we don't know how long until KJ can go back home with them and to see her grandpa, Dad, Kathy, Cade and Carter.

Katie now has her 2 ring wading pool and seems to tolerate it. She walks around and around and it has cut into her all day sleeping habits but so far has not improved her all night party habits...started her on melatonin so hopefully in about a week we will see a difference.

Thanks again for all your thoughts and prayers. I don't know how I would be upright without them.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

wow the never ending roller coaster surgical nausea is just no fun I feel for her... Cant help but wonder how much is fluid adjustment with the ever open shunt stopped... and sleeping intestines are just rude... hang in there ness you guys have been at war or a while now!
love hugs and prayers... I am thinking that friday the 10th that afternoon for a couple hours is looking best for visit time...

Steph said...
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Steph said...


Continued prayers for KJ and that she will start to heal and recover from surgery quickly.

Love ya,

Beverly said...

I found your place through Katia's site.

I have to tell you that I understand the post-surgery nausea and vomiting, as my son has had two brain surgeries to remove tumors. We figured out (after the first surgery) that he just doesn't do well with the oral pain killers...esp. on an empty stomache! Maybe you can change some of the oral medicine around, and don't be afraid to ask for the anti-nausea medicine...on time, instead of after she starts to feel sick!

(I asked for the nurses to bring it to Steven every four hours...even though it was only to be given every six!)