13 April 2009

Easter Monday

I hope the weather is nice for the White House Easter Egg Roll. I never did it but I imagine it would be an experience. Any Easter Egg Rollers among us?
Happy 401th post to me! I will celebrate more when I hit 500.
Kathy and I had a wonderful Saturday doing what best friends do...catching up on the news, laughing ourselves to death and hitting the mall and looking. I bought her a fragrance lamp like mine and I picked out a new scent for mine(Vanilla Bean) so after we finished the mall, went to the store, went to McDonalds and they put onions on my McRib after being told not to and then left us waiting for 15 minutes while they were remaking it and didn't show up so I had to go in there and walked out with two ice cream cones (courtesy of the Manager)and my McRib and their sincerest of apologies, we went back to Kathy's, fired up the lamp, fixed supper, put together a toy box and book case for the boys, ate supper and made a strawberry sale run at the grocery store in our jammies.
She bought us identical silver discs that say FRIENDS for each of us to keep on our keychains.
We went out to eat for Easter. The girls begged off to continue their sisterly cat fight and we had a good time at dinner. We got back here about 6 and I collapsed. Very quiet minus one daughter and 3 granddogs. I miss them but my body does not. I really need to catch up on quiet time and rest.
Hope everyone had a great Easter weekend!


Debbie Jean said...

Boy, do I ever understand the needing the quiet time and rest. After last week, I think it will take a little while for me, but I am feeling alittle rested now, just my left ankle is killing me!! LOL.
Glad that you had fun. You need some good times and fun after your last few months!! Enjoy your quiet time and rest while you can. You need it and deserve it, my friend. I thought of you when I passed the big arch. How far do you live from that?

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

kim-d said...

I love this post, Ness...I can just hear you saying this! It sounds like you and Kathy had the wonderful kind of time that besties have together! I'm so glad you had a good Easter.

Take care of you for me...

Alice said...

Glad you had a fantastic Easter. There is nothing like being with good girlfriends. Nothing!!

Hope you get your much needed rest! Take care of yourself.