07 April 2009

Had A Great Time, Going Back This Weekend

Cade, me and Carter at Extreme Sports after an hour of nonstop playing. I misplaced my new glasses at the apartment so had to grab the old ones. And yes, my hair is growing out and long enough to put back.

Cade coming down the big slide.

Cade trampolining!

When you swing out on the ball and let go, Cade went head first into the pit of foam rubber blocks.

Kathy *not* quite sure she wants to let Cade swing out and let go over the foam pit. Cade LOVED it!

Carter swinging out over the foam pit.

Learned helplessness at its finest. Cade decided he wanted to be fed and since I haven't seen him in 3 months, I fed him.

Carter coming out of the chute!

We had a phenomenal time this past weekend with Bobby, Kathy, Carter and much that we're going back THIS weekend. The boys will be with their parents so the adults will have fun. All of us including my kids are getting together for Easter dinner on Sunday before we come home.
Kiereney is making progress although now she's been waylayed with an abscessed tooth and is on antibiotics.


jojo said...

I love the pics Ness. And you look so good with longer hair!! Glad you had such a good time and the KJ is doing better. Take care...j)

Alice said...

I love these photos, too. They made me SMILE!! Glad you had a great weekend and happy to hear everyone is doing OK. I feel for KJ--I had an abcessed tooth once and it hurt like hell. The antibiotics will help.


Debra W said...

What wonderful photos! I loved looking at them!

Hang in there, KJ. You are one tough young lady!


Anonymous said...

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