01 April 2009

My 2nd Lieutenant in his new Dress Blues

There are better ones of him on Facebook but this is the only one with just him in the picture. 26 more days and I will be hugging on that boy as he graduates from BOLC.
Kiereney is hanging in there, finding new aches and pains as her body wakes up more from the anesthesia and still having trouble keeping food down but she's drinking her water and trying and that's all I can ask for.
Roger had a great birthday...Kelli fixed him her chicken enchilada recipe and he loved it. Thank you for all the birthday wishes for him on Facebook.
I'm still stumbling around looking for spoons and trying to regain my strength and catch up on sleep.
Just wanted to give a shout out to Laura who is celebrating her 22nd year of sobriety today. Congrats Laura!!!


Laura ~Peach~ said...

thank you.... I can't wait to see you :) Love the pics of Michael I know you are soooooooo proud of him!

Maribeth said...

I can't believe it! Look at that handsome son of yours! I still think of the kids as being young teens!
Take care of yourself, get some extra sleep and give my love to Roger and the kids!

jojo said...

What a handsome sone you have there. I can see why you are so proud.
Happy late Birthday Roger, sounds like you had a great birthday meal.
Everyone is gone to Facebook...maybe it's time for me to head over there too. I've been hesitant to give it a try but it seems to have some sore of magical pull so we'll see.
Take care Ness, if I find any extra spoons they will come your way.