20 June 2009


Colin Berkeley Mac Campbell, our 9 wk old, 2 lbs Chihuahua.
Macon chose him for us on Craigs List. this morning. He was located less than 5 miles from us, was born on April 19 and is simply adorable!
His ears are HUGE and I swear he could draw in satellite with those ears!
Shania sniffed him and wagged her tail so guess she is going to let him stay. We also engaged a dog sitter for Colin and Shania while we are gone in Buffalo so all is settled.
Off to cuddle with Colin! We are blessed.


Laura ~Peach~ said...

he is soooooo cute :) congratulations mama

Debra W said...

So happy that your special angel sent you another angel to love and adore! What a cutie-pie! I'm sure that Colin has already discovered that he hit the doggie lottery in life by becoming a part of your wonderful family!

Truly, I am so pleased to hear about your latest addition. It doesn't replace the one who passed, but it certainly helps with the healing process.


Love and hugs and doggie bones(very small ones!),