20 September 2009

Great Saturday

We went to the St. Louis Bread Company for breakfast and paper reading and then over to St. Louis to do retail therapy at what I call the "Big Three"--Goodwill, Salvation Army and St. Vincent de Paul within mere blocks of each other. It's usually a feast or famine trip and this was Feast Day indeed! I had been looking for a sewing machine cabinet for my machine as it literally hurts me to sew because the machine shakes because it is not secured in a cabinet. I found a beautiful cabinet WITH a machine in it. It had a lot of room for sewing supplies but was not priced yet. We asked for a price and she came back and said $20....I said, "For the cabinet?" She said, "No, for the whole thing as is." I have no clue if the machine works but if it does it's a bonus. The cabinet door has a loose hinge which Roger can fix. I feel like I won the Lottery!

Friday we literally slaved all day. We moved out all the living room furniture, vacuumed every inch of floor and steam cleaned the entire carpet. We have 2 recliners, a couch, etc. so it was a tiring day. That's why we said we would party on Saturday if we got done on Friday. When we got up on Saturday morning, it was iffy but we pressed on and glad we went. We also saw Julie/Julia and we LOVED it...especially our chef extraordinaire, Roger. I don't remember a whole lot about Julia Child but he has her books and said Meryl Streep was spot on playing her character. I also had to sit through the previews of 2012 and nearly coded. With all the tragedy this country has had with the wars, Oklahoma City, 911 and Columbine and someone feels the need to make this movie? I have a son in the military...that's about all the stress I can handle. I wish you could choose by remote control at the theater which previews you'd like to skip on by....I saw the Vatican and the Washington Monument as well as the JFK ship literally disintegrate before my eyes and that threw me into a panic attack.

Today I'm nursing a soft tissue injury to the right dominant hand when me and the door frame got into a fight bringing in the sewing machine cabinet. The cabinet fit through the basement door...we just forgot to allow for our hands. Roger smashed a finger and I thought my hand was broken at first. It's going to be a beeutiful tied dyed specimen!

Oh the joys of furhood! Colin thought the tassle on my table runner was just like his rope toy and with one little Chihuahua pull, he cleared my coffee table and broke one of the Fall tealight burners I had just set out last night. Daddy and the Gorilla(Gorilla Glue) came to the rescue and we all will survive. It was kind of cute....Roger came into the room where I was working to get into his tool box and when I asked what he was up to he said, "Need to get something to open the nozzle on the Gorilla Glue." Period. So we played 20 Questions and when I asked why he was using the Gorilla Glue he said to repair something for Colin. I said Colin's toys could not have Gorilla glue on them because it would be toxic and he said it was acutally one of my toys....and the truth came out. Who can be mad at a happy Chihuahua licking your face as if you're the the only thing he needs in his life? I know Macon sent him to me now...

This week is filled with doctors apts...2 for Roger(cardiologist and cardiothoracic surgeon) and Kiereney's neurosurgeon apt. I hope I can report on Friday that all is well.

Have a great week!


jojo said...

Sounds like you had fun and found a worthy treasure. Does the sewing machine work? We went thrifting on Friday...nothing at Goodwill but found a pic that I will hang in my bathroom after the frame is cleaned up over at Bargain World. It's been hit and miss lately but that will probably change with Fall coming in. There were some interesting grab bags but I was too chicken (cheap) to buy one!
Hope you have a good week...take care of that hand, and each other!

Debbie Jean said...

So glad that you had such a great time. I love finding treasures. I love garage sales, but with david's schedule and me not being able to drive, I don't get to them often. I am happy that you and Roger had some alone time to enjoy each other and have a day for you!
Take care of that hand. I know it must hurt. Would love to see some pics of Colin as he gets older. What would we do without our furbabies?

God Bless~
Debbie Jean

Debra W said...

Good for you for taking some time to do enjoyable things! I am glad that your trip was successful! What a wonderful deal you got on the cabinet and sewing machine! I do hope that you will post a picture.

Sending out prayers to Roger and you today. I know that what Roger is going through has to be gut-wrenching for you. Please remember to take some deep breathes when you feel your mind spinning out of control. All will be well.

Love and hugs,

Debra W said...

Dear one, waiting for an update about Roger. I hope that things are calming down for the two of you. Wouldn't that be nice? Well, I for one, am putting in my order for peace and tranquility! Lord knows you deserve it!