06 October 2009

Thank You God

Thank you, God. You definitely carried me when I thought I couldn't walk another step, make another decision or think another thought. You ARE an Awesome God!
Thank you for the unyielding love and support of all my family and friends last Thursday when Roger was in surgery.
Thank you for the phenomenal cardiothoracic surgeon who, when opening Roger up for a simple laparoscopic procedure for 2 lung biopsies, was met with a forest of adhesions to get to his lungs and did not yield to her cohorts who urged her to crack him open because she knew he would not live if she did. Thank you for her 2 hours of patience it took to cut through the adhesions and get down to a portion of the lung for only 1 biopsy because he had already been under anesthesia 2 hours and he couldn't handle any more.
Thank you for the wonderful techs and nurses in the recovery room who kept his airway suctioned out and his vitals monitored.
Thank you again to our phenomenal surgeon who made the risky decision to try and take his airway out and she was successful and he started breathing on his own.
Thank you to the understanding nurse in the recovery room who listened to her patient and allowed me to come into the recovery room at 4 p.m. when I hadn't seen him since 7:30. He needed to see me as much as I needed to see him.
Thank you to the wonderful nurses and aides in ICU who promised me they would look out for him when I couldn't stay and they updated me at home.
Thank you to the wonderful Pulmonary staff who faithfully gave him his percussions and breathing treatments on schedule. We dodged the pneumonia bullet because of them.
God, please be with the nurse who gave Roger Heparin(when he was already on Coumadin and aspirin) and was unable to tell me why, which is one of the first rules of passing meds. Help my words be a learning experience for her that another patient does not suffer because of her ignorance.
Thank you, God, that even though we only were able to get 1 biopsy, the lab was able to get a diagnosis of BOOP and the steroid trial has been started.
Thank you to the wonderful ER nurse and doctor who understood that I had a daughter in ER with high blood pressure and intractible headache and a husband up on the Surgical floor who we were trying to get home and worked efficiently and kindly to get a bag of fluids and Dilaudid and Zofran into Kiereney and stabilize her so I could take both her and Roger home on Sunday afternoon.
Thank you to my wonderful kids who kept the home fires burning and the furkids fed and loved. Thank you for fixing me supper when I didn't know what end was up and allowing me to not have to think once I got home. I love you so much.
And last, but certainly not least, thank you to my DachshundStrong followers, my Facebook Friends and my other Internet friends who upheld us in prayer, called and texted to check on all of us and who surrounded me with their strength, love, and support. When things got dicey after surgery, I could feel enveloped in your prayers and knew that all would be well. I have no words to adequately thank you but know you made the difference in everything and I will always love you for doing so.


Alice said...

We will continue to pray. Thank you for checking on us when you already have so much on your plate. Love you.

jojo said...

Amen and Amen again I say AMEN.

WinnyNinny PooPoo said...

God is cradling your family is His Hands. Your experience with the heparin is a great example where a watchful alert special someone makes a difference!! BOOP isn't great to have, but at least there is a treatment. Praying for you all!

Laura ~Peach~ said...

love you guys ness.... and always prayers.

Debra W said...

So glad that you felt the strength of the prayers that were being said on Roger's and your behalf. I am so grateful that Roger is now on a course of action which will help to improve his health. I am so glad that everyone was working together to create a successful procedure for Roger. I guess the only thing that we can ever expect it to expect the unexpected. I am so sorry that a simple procedure turned into something potentially life-threatening. How stressful that must have been for you, Ness.

Thank you for the update, dear heart. I know that I am sometimes a bit out of the loop because I don't really facebook, text or twitter, but you are always in my thoughts and prayers.

Much love and big hugs,

Debbie Jean said...

Hugs and prayers Ness. Thanks for the sweet coment on my blog. Yes God is a awesome God. He hears our prayers, and your family has had many prayers on it's behalf. Did Roger need O2 to come home on?
I love you too!!!

God Bless~
Debbie Jean