09 December 2009


I saw on a friend's blog about a contest going on at THIS BLOG about posting about Joy. I've never entered anything like this before(WHAT is Mr. Linky?) but tis the season and I do have unspeakable joy this Advent season.

Joy is waking up every morning next to my husband realizing that we have another day to spend together without cancer or congestive heart failure taking us away this moment.

Joy is being able to see my 2nd Lt.(soon to be 1st Lt) son every day in my home and not yet deployed to Afghanistan. My son is no better than anyone else's child and I would just as soon have all the soldiers home.

Joy is waking up and seeing on the news that we have not lost any soldiers overnight.

Joy is being able to participate in my Catholic faith without fear of retribution. Not all countries have that.

Joy is the simple things of life...making cookies, watching a TV show, reading a book and having a place to live.

Joy is peace of mind. I have had lots of time where I did not have peace of mind and it is a joy I will never take for granted.

Joy is looking at the faces of the dogs we have rescued over the years and knowing that they give us much more than we could ever give them.

Joy is being able to walk, talk, hear, see, breath and think.

Joy is having blog friends on the other side of this computer screen who I have come to know and love like family.

Joy is having 3 kids ages 32, 24 and 23 when it looked like at one time I would only have one, and having them all healthy.

Joy is the love I receive from my husband, kids and friends.

Joy is the still small voice at the end of the day that says I can make it through another day despite the depression, cancer, fibro and other enemies just waiting to take over.

Thank you Audrey for this chance to participate. I hope to get to know you better.


Debra W said...

Beautiful sentiments, Nessie.


Alice said...

Joy is knowing you as friend!! xoxooxo