21 February 2010

Crazy Busy!

This week has been crazy busy getting the 1LT ready for his deployment.  Every day was getting passport info filed, updated drivers license, visa info.  Then he had drill this weekend and is on his way home in a snowstorm to give me the update on his deployment.

I see copious amounts of coffee being consumed tonight as he fills me in.

A few unexpected ringers have been thrown into my budget so I will know this week if we still get to make the Georgia trip the first weekend of March and will let you know. 

The pseudotumor cerebri monster has been alive and well in Kiereney this weekend and she was in ER Thursday night and looks like she's heading back there today.  This nightmare began 3 years ago this coming April.  This 23 year old needs to get her life back so she can live it.

I hope you each had a phenomenal weekend!

Keep believin', and it never hurts to pray for everyone in your family and circle of friends as we may not know what their need is at the moment but God does.

And, BTW, the picture at the top of this blog update would look gorgeous hanging in my bedroom should any of you be so inclined to do it in blue and black!  ha ha

Actually I'm hoping to do it on Styrofoam and tuck the pieces of material down into the Styrofoam for a wall hanging.  Let's all hold our breaths until Ness gets THAT project done.

Love you~mean it!


Anonymous said...

You and your family will be in prayers from here. Bless your son for serving our country. Sure hope they find something to help your daughter. Hugs!

Alice said...

Ness...I know this is an incredibly stressful time for you. Please let us know how we can help. Does Michael need anything we can send before he goes (besides prayers - he's getting tons of those!!) Really, let us help if we can.

Sending love, prayers and spoons your way.