27 July 2010

Today Is Brought To You By The Letter T



or, in other words, thoughts and tomatoes.

Roll film back to yesterday.

We planted 10 tomato plants this year.

Multiply the tomato picture by about 20 and you have the amount of ripe tomatoes we have now with at least that many green on the vine not to mention the ones we have consumed. 


Can the Campbells grow tomatoes?!?

So after getting caught up on post vacation household activities(isn't that how everyone spends their day off?  If not please let me know and help me change my habits...) it was time to turn our thoughts towards tomatoes.

I was a child of the 60's who went with her mom to Grandma's every July or August for a week to can.

Can as in tomato juice, green beans, relish and peaches.

We kept Ball Company in business with the amount of jars and lids we purchased.

We also called Grandma in the winter after every meal where we had eaten one of the canned products to thank her for her hard work because they tasted so good!

So yesterday was Retro/Flashback Monday as I peeled, de-seeded and cut tomatoes.

And in the process made my husband VERY nervous.

You see, in the 60's we didn't blanch tomatoes to de-skin them.  You had a knife, made a cut in the skin and pulled.  Soul satisfying to rip that tomato skin right off.

Roger is one to work smarter, not harder.

Me, I'm just plain OCD and set in my ways.
And I don't like to burn my fingers in boiling water.

So while he preferred that I set up a pot to blanch the tomatoes and make de-skinning easier, I persisted with my knife.

Which brings me to Thought #1.

Studies have said that when you are destructing/de-skinning something that you should think of all the people you hate and pretend the object being destructed is them.  Something about obtaining release of your feelings.  I thought about all the people who had hurt me, my family and friends...


Am I mellowing in my old age or finally learned the lesson that it takes too much energy to hate and I don't want to spend any spoons(If you haven't read The Spoon Theory on my right sidebar on my blog STOP RIGHT NOW AND GO AND READ IT! ) or all those church services, Bible Schools and Sunday School lessons have finally paid off.

WHICH brings me to Thought #2.

Work with me here.  My mind processes quicker than a speeding bullet.

While the religious thought was passing through my mind, my mind catapulted to, "Michael is swimming in the RED SEA?  That is so SACRELIGIOUS!"

Now that lead to, "Why do you think that?"

Well, I don't know about your experiences, but the Red Sea doesn't usually come up in my general conversations.  I usually do my Red Sea talking in conjunction with church services where I hear about it the most.  The Red Sea is holy.  A commoner(even one as cute and phenomenal as my Lieutenant son) shouldn't be swimming in the Red Sea. 

Conclusions to Thoughts 1 and 2:

I am finally getting smarter in my old age and I remain totally weird!

Moving on...

Have a phenomenal day and continue to BELIEVE!


I have been inspired to start a new feature on my blog posts.

The Thought of the Day


Anonymous said...

Wow! I would say that you had great success growing tomatoes. They look so yummy. I always skinned them with a knife too. Enjoy them! Hugs

Tonjia said...

Ness, isnt it weird that we would consider the Red Sea a religious place??

I am glad Michael is getting to swim, I guess. LOLOL

Congrats on the tomato crop!! Make some spaghetti sauce!