18 January 2012


Depending on what nanosecond it is determines what season we are in.

Personally, I hate change so when the calendar says January, we should have cold and snow period.

My daughter and best friend hate winter; my daughter because in her 30's she has become cold natured and my best friend hates driving in snow.  But when I was awakened in the middle of the night early Tuesday morning with hail and TORNADO SIRENS I was NOT a happy camper.  Plus I had taken the only Ambien I had left to sleep and then couldn't go back to sleep after having to drag downstairs and decide whether we needed to REALLY drag 3 dogs and a cat outside to the basement door in a downpour and about then then cancelled the warning so we went back to bed~some of us to sleep and some of us lying wide awake.

Needless to say, Kelli and Kathy got an earful about the lack of cold weather and snow with a tornado warning sirens and lack of sleep to boot.

Of course, neither had proper sympathy for me.

I didn't really expect any.

Seems like January is flying.  I looked forward to January and February because it was my calm after the holiday storm.  I had reading and crocheting planned.  By March I will have to think about gardening and grass mowing again~sigh.

In other news. Roger, Kelli and I are starting a study on the Bible book of Revelation.  This should be interesting as I have always hated that book because of the symbolism and refused to read it.  If you mean Death, just say Death~don't say black horse.  But I decided to face my fears and go head first into it. 

Stay tuned.

I also chose my 2012 Thing That Scares Me project and am making my first purse.  Fell in love with the pattern and am doing it in Pseudo Suede in a turquoise and brown design with a solid brown pseudo suede lining.  I figured after making a large afghan last year and quilts the 2 years before that that a purse should be a piece of cake.

Stay tuned.

Hope all of my sistah-friends are healthy, happy and at peace.



Debbie said...

I was so happy to see a post from you!! I worry when you don't post.
I too hate cold, but this winter is really strange. One day very cold, next warm and rainy. I want it either warm or cold, not both. Strangest winter since I moved North for sure. I am happy for the little snow, but David said the other day with all the rain, we'd have to cut the grass soon!! LOL..I said David, it's January, but you know, the grass is kind of green!!
I can not wait to see a pic of the purse! I wish I could do crafts again, but with these neuropic, artritic hands, threre is so way! I so love home made things!!
I have been reading the Left behind Series, which is about Revalations. Quite interesting and scary, but good also. I think there are 16 books in the series and I am on 14.
Stay healthy, both you and Roger and keep in touch!!

God Bless~

TonjiaT said...

I almost missed this! you know, with Facebook, my blogging has been really bad. I am glad you are continuing to blog though.

January is incredibly mild here. its almost freaky.

I have never read the book of revelations either, I feel like I don't have the energy, know what I mean?

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